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My Mom

Bluebird1942 Member Posts: 2
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This disease took my Mom 4 years ago today.  She was my best friend and I still cry daily for her.  I know dying ended her pain but was the beginning of mine.  I have a huge hole in my heart that will not stop hurting.  I found this website the last 6 months that my Mom was with us.  I was her caregiver and I needed answers, help, anything.  I mostly read the Stage IV page and I still do.  I felt it was time to say Thank You to all of you.  You are still helping me. I follow your lives, learn, admire your strength and cry when another angel is added to the list.   

I miss you and love you Mom!


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,214
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    Bluebird, thanks you for your kind words, also in the name of all our members.

    Thinking of you and your mom, and glad you found this wonderful community full of information, caring and support.


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  • LovieLovie
    LovieLovie Member Posts: 17
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    Bluebird - How fortunate you were to have had a wonderful relationship with your mom.  Beautiful words for her!  I suspect you have a lot of her in you. 

    There's a thread for caregivers maybe you could contribute what you learned to help others in honor of your mother.   

  • AmyQ
    AmyQ Member Posts: 821
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    Bluebird, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved mother. I suspect she lives inside your spirit and that you will be reunited again, one day.

    Sending mom hugs to you today...


  • Bluebird1942
    Bluebird1942 Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you for your posts.  I can only hope I have part of my Mom in me as she was a caring and loving person.  I will read the caregiver forum.  I don't know if I can help there or anywhere. Part of me wants to help but the bigger part of me feels paralyzed by the hurting.