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Essential Oil questions

ShannaM Member Posts: 10
edited August 2022 in Alternative Medicine

So, I am doing everything possible through traditional medicine. But I heard about the benefits of frankincense essential oil. Does anyone use this to help reduce recurrence?


  • kdtheatre
    kdtheatre Member Posts: 145

    I won't know if it helped with recurrence yet, as I'm just about to start radiation (but finally finished with 5 months of chemo)...but I put one drop of frankincense & one drop of clove in my nighttime hot drink of apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon, turmeric & hot water.

  • ceanna
    ceanna Member Posts: 3,120

    You might want to read through another thread here anyone using essential oils for cancer?

    Also the Sloan-Kettering website on essential oils and herbs

    All the best.

  • kdtheatre
    kdtheatre Member Posts: 145 I've read that several things promote estrogen production! Ugh! Some essential oils & some other things! Does anyone know about:

    Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Clove, flax seed, frankincense, fabric softener and what else?? Oy. I've been putting tea tree oil on my nails & head since chemo started!

  • abigail48
    abigail48 Member Posts: 337


    fennel legumes, tofu

  • kdtheatre
    kdtheatre Member Posts: 145

    All legumes? Like lentil and black beans?

  • abigail48
    abigail48 Member Posts: 337

    yeah and peas. but try googling everything everything is estrogenic every food about can't avoid it so just do thee best you can like lentils would be far better than black beans

  • abigail48
    abigail48 Member Posts: 337

    so I googled it twice: dr google said all essential oils are estrogenic except fot citrus. so I used again a lemon oil Id not used in years in the bath. and I'd forgotten how itburned. had to wash it off twice but I do still smellof lemon. that not bad. goodle also said some oils like lavendar and tea tree arn't absorbed through the skin so are okay to u se I use frankensence and wormwood for the dreams they give> lucid as all getout, and camomile for the fragrance. will continue to use them. anyway as we all know google isnt always correct

  • Icietla
    Icietla Member Posts: 321

    kdtheatre -- I understand Aloe Vera is a wicked bad one.

    Recently a member, whose post I cannot find, linked to this material here__

    I understand the food storage grade polypropylene (type 5) plastic is unlikely to be hormone-disruptive.

  • heathersan
    heathersan Member Posts: 1

    I am also interested in how effective essential oils are in treating breast cancer? Are there those who can advise on their use?

  • collietonya
    collietonya Member Posts: 1


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,693

    Dear heathersan and collietonya,

    Welcome to the BCO community. Can you tell us a bit about your cancer story and what brings you to BCO? This particular topic is about 5 years old with no recent posts so it may not offer much response. Let us know if you need help finding your way around to the information that you need. We are available to help. Just click on our name and send us a private message if needed.

    The Mods

  • marciam
    marciam Member Posts: 83

    Hi Shanon; Yes I do use frankincense oil combined with apricot seed oil, combined as you cannot use EO on the skin directly, for a preventive EO. I was stage 4, and have had no recurrence.

    Dr. Siu in Iowa state has researched this and found it modulates breast cancer in the lab without affecting normal cells. I'm happy using it on my breasts one is gone but I use it there and on the normal breast. I also found it made my scars disappear. it has added benefits like relaxation. I use essential oils like peppermint for stress, use rose oil for uplifting aromatherapy. Lavender for a variety of purposes. write me if you need more information! I have quite a large collection now and love them.

    best MarciaM