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Giving hope

milesofsmiles Member Posts: 1

It's not often I visit these forums nowadays, but today I chanced across this site again, and it set me thinking ... for each and every one of you starting this journey, whether you are some miles down the road or just at the beginning don't ever lose hope ...the reason for writing this is back when I was diagnosed in 2000 aged 39 I feared the worst (as we all do) my journey was hard with lots of setbacks but early in my diagnosis I met a woman who had been diagnosed 18 yrs earlier, far from being encouraged by this, I just didn't feel I would be so lucky.. well i am here to tell you I AM! 17yrs on i have a good life. Keep the faith ladies x .....p.s that lady I met all those years ago? Yup in her 36yr LIFEafter cancer.


  • secondchancetoo
    secondchancetoo Member Posts: 12
    edited August 2017
    milesofsmiles what an enlightening story! We all get so consumed with worry when we are first diagnosed that it is impossible not to think the worst sometimes! But, wow, your story is a feel good outcome....we can all use that😀
  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,670
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    milesofsmiles, keep it coming! Thank you for sharing. It really means a lot !

  • MinniesGirl4
    MinniesGirl4 Member Posts: 2
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    To all the beautiful women and men that are constant in the struggle, or that are fighting the good fight, I am currently writing a narrative about love, life and loss of women and men with stage 3 and 4 breast cancer, these will be narratives I am a professor of psychology and three years ago lost my mother in a three month span to stage 4 as she was 50 years old , I feel that it is important to tell your stories and the stories of your loved ones to thus provide hope for others. Please share this information and if your interested in being apart of honoring your self or family members please inbox me.

  • MinniesGirl4
    MinniesGirl4 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2017

    Good morning my name is Kamara Taylor, I am a doctor of psychology, Currently I am writing a narrative(book ) on women and men with stages 3 and 4 of breast cancer. I am not for sure how to get participants. this is important to me with hope. love, and encouragement as on July 8, 2013 my 50 year old mother passed away from stage 4, I thought to not only honor her, but also the other families , with telling their stories, in their own words, of love, strength and even loss. Please post this as I would like to retrieve 15 narratives if possible. Thank you so much.