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Foods for healthy immune system and anti inflammatory

scaredashell07 Member Posts: 143

hello. Wanted to start a thread to gather foods you take or avoid to help lower estrogen, build a better immune system and decreaseinflammation in the body. All these things have been on my mind but am so overwhlemed with what I read and hear

I use turmeric and black pepper in my food

I take vitamin D( have a d deficiency)

I drink organic green tea daily

I use flax seed in oatmeal

I eat low sugar fruits and lots of veggies

No gluten

No processed foods

No diary


  • beach2beach
    beach2beach Member Posts: 245
    edited September 2017


    I've been taking turmeric in supplement form and sprinkling the spice over food.

    Take Vit D3,Vit C , Mag, Melatonin, selenium. Was doing DIM but not sure about that anymore and will add Krill oil. May add more to the list again as I research further

    Trying to eat clean. Salads/grill chicken. Heading more towards Ketogenic type of eating/ Mediterranean diet. To cut sugars and useless carbs down.

    TruBroc green tea daily

    Water, water, water.

    Little dairy and if I do, buying organic.

    Veggie or fruit smoothies I try to make daily.

    I'm a snacker, so finding it tough. I can't keep snacking on veggies, its not the same as pretzels!!!!!

    I thought I would give myself one day a week to cheat a bit. Hopefully I will stick to the plan better that way then completely depriving myself.

  • Momine
    Momine Member Posts: 2,845
    edited September 2017

    Veggies, fatty fish, high-fibre grains, herbs and spices (lots of trace minerals in herbs), go easy on the fruit, 70% chocolate and raw nuts for snacks or a green apple with some nuts, sometimes hummus. It depends. I am not a big snacker anyway, so this is not a huge problem for me.

    From everything I have read through over the years, anti-inflammatory foods are good and fibre is essential, like grandma always said :D. Fibre contributes to healthy gut bacteria, which in turn help eliminate estrogens from your system, among other benefits.

    I often make a simple sauce/dip to eat with fish, veggies or meats. I put a large bunch of parsley, cilantro or mint (or a combo) in the blender with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, sometimes nuts as well. Blend it into a thick sauce. Also, chili and other hot peppers have anti-inflammatory effect, so if I make turkey burgers, for example, I will add some pepper flakes to the meat. Onions and garlic are also anti-inflammatory, so add some chopped onion to tomato and beet salads.

  • Bosombuddy101
    Bosombuddy101 Member Posts: 54
    edited September 2017

    I haven't started active treatment yet as I was recently diagnosed but I've been including the Budwig cottage cheese and flax oil mixture (2:1 ratio) once a day on my salads since the big C reared its ugly head. I avoid dairy, wheat, meats, sugar--- although I do like the occasional croissant with berries in the morning. I've become a fishatarian ;0) I'm also taking beta glucan daily with a fruit smoothy or a fresh squeezed vegetable juice in order to boost my immune system. I'm wondering what would be a good multi vitamin to take. Any suggestions?

  • red332
    red332 Member Posts: 47
    edited January 2018

    What brand of beta glucans are you taking? having a hard time finding a high quality one.

  • MelisaNg
    MelisaNg Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2018

    Thank for these advises

  • sarahlee111
    sarahlee111 Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2018

    Great thread. Thanks for the tips.