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dreadlocks and chemo

indahood Member Posts: 122

Hello all, thinking about putting my crazy hair in dreads for the beginning of my chemo treatment. My thinking is that the dread is going to catch falling hair and maybe make the hair loss a bit more tolerable until I have to chop them all off. My hair is perfect for dreads and always wanted to try but didn't because of work etc. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on this. Is this a bad or a good idea? Have you ever seen anyone else do this? Open to all kinds of comments and advice. Otherwise, it's the pixie cut for me. Happy


  • bew66
    bew66 Member Posts: 9

    I say go for it!  Life is short!  

  • indahood
    indahood Member Posts: 122


    Thanks for the responses. Pretty sure I don't want high maintenance. I'll keep thinking

  • indahood
    indahood Member Posts: 122

    sorry bout that, didn't want to have such a huge picture of me but oh well. lol

  • notbrokenjustbent
    notbrokenjustbent Member Posts: 326

    Indahood, I too always wanted dreads but know they are time consuming and are expensive to get, difficult to maintain and when I had my chemo I was completely bald 5 or 6 weeks later. Sorry but dreads are not the answer. In my experience it was not a bit of shedding and a slow process, it falls out in chunks and very quick.

  • avmom
    avmom Member Posts: 45

    Hi Indahood,

    My vote would be to go for whatever hair look you feel like trying - but depending on your chemo regimen, it could be for a very short time. I did dose dense AC - T and about 90% of my hair came out in a single morning just over 2 week's after my first infusion. I had my hair buzzed to about 1/2 inch the week before, because I didn't want to be up to my ankles in hair in the shower when it fell out. I ended up running a lint roller over my scalp to get the strays lol.

    I didn't mind losing my hair much - it was expected and for me, that was ok. YMMV. I have a friend who was diagnosed about a year after I was, and the hair loss was very hard for her. She wore wigs all the time, even to bed at night. Her hair came back very quickly after chemo, and that's a blessing for her. Mine took a long time, but it has returned, mostly, and I have a cute, if short hairstyle now.

    Best wishes and gentle hugs to you as you start treatment.

  • indahood
    indahood Member Posts: 122

    well decided against the dreads. My hairdresser said it would take 3 days. Oh well purple mohawk it is.

    image had my first treatment today. All good.

  • notbrokenjustbent
    notbrokenjustbent Member Posts: 326

    LOVE IT! I might just put some green strands in mine! Fun!!!

  • ksusan
    ksusan Member Posts: 461


  • pingpong1953
    pingpong1953 Member Posts: 272

    My hair started to fall out 2 weeks after my first chemo. I got my head shaved the following day because my scalp was so sore! I read about how some women are using this shampoo and that conditioner and colouring their hair and I know my scalp hurt way too much for anything like that!

  • indahood
    indahood Member Posts: 122

    Hi Ping Pong, mine will too, but I couldn't bare losing my mid back length hair all alone in the shower so I chopped it off with my friends all around. we had a party. This look will be very short lived but fun while it lasts.

    Cheers and good luck with it all,

    Laurie indahood