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Has anyone had a Goldilocks mastectomy

Kathi2018 Member Posts: 4
edited May 2020 in Just Diagnosed

I have been diagnosed with 2 IDC lumps in right breast. One is estimated to be at least 4 cm. The other is about 2 cm. ER/PR+ her2-. I just met with my surgeon. She and the plastic surgeon think that something called the Goldilocks mastectomy might be just right for me because I’m 64 and not interested in any reconstruction that requires additional surgery. Has anyone out there had this done? The result is something they call a breast mound. No nipple, in my case. It looks like something between flat and an A cup. I was very concerned about implants making me an old lady with perky little headlights that defy gravity. The Goldilocks thing is made of my own tissue so it sags with the rest of me.

Also, does having 2 largish lumps make the treatment more aggressive?

I have a PET scan scheduled in a week and a half. There’s no reason for me to be concerned about that but I am, of course.


  • mustlovepoodles
    mustlovepoodles Member Posts: 1,248

    I had the Goldilocks reconstruction. It left me with very small lumpy folded flesh mounds, concave, and distorted. Not a A cup, not anything that remotely resembles breast mounds. And definitely not resembling any of the pics my PS showed me.

    After 2+ years of unhappiness, I'm now pursuing DIEP reconstruction in NOLA.

  • Kathi2018
    Kathi2018 Member Posts: 4

    thanks so much for your response. I’m sorry that your experience has been so negative. I have only seen pictures that the PS showed me as well. They look nice.

  • Luckynumber47
    Luckynumber47 Member Posts: 53

    It makes me irate to see that drs are still recommending this "reconstruction". At least from my own experience it just doesn't work.

    I had one done at the time of my mastectomy 2 years ago. Cute little booblets that I was happy with and then over the course of 6 months they completely disappeared. My body totally absorbed the tissue and I am completely flat.

    I feel like this is just a money grab by the plastic surgeons. If you decide against expensive reconstruction they can at least get some money from you - as my PS put it, I was signing for a new car.

    I am perfectly happy being flat. I have a whole drawer full of cute bras and different sized forms and prosthetics but most days I just go flat. Makes life way less complicated.

    Where are you having your surgery? I would grill the PS about long term results and any studies that have been done on the procedure. The pictures I saw online were old and not even close to my initial results. The fact that my PS had no photos and had only done the procedure a couple of times should have been a warning to me but at that point in the whirlwind I just went with whatever the drs suggested.

    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery


  • GreenEyes81
    GreenEyes81 Member Posts: 66

    I would get a 2nd opinion. This is not just about the surgery and what it will look like after. It's about what is the best treatment for the cancer you have. For me, once there was more than one tumor the only option I had was a mastectomy. And that was from multiple doctors.

    This sounds like a form of a lumpectomy which has a high recurrance rate without radiation. Are they recommending radiation afterwards?

    Personally, I would just go flat. You have a much less chance of needing additional surgery if its crazy looking afterwards. However, not all surgens are the same. Ask for references or find feedback online specifically for your doctor.

  • Icietla
    Icietla Member Posts: 321

    Welcome, Kathi2018. I am so sorry about your diagnosis and all the challenges that come with it, including the anxiety.

    The folks at The Center For Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans are by all accounts The Best for autologous tissue reconstruction.

    I understand the best (cosmetic) results with flap type reconstruction are achieved when the reconstruction is done coincident with the mastectomy surgery.

    Here is an informational video about that Hospital and its work.

    Many Surgeons do not inform their mastectomy patients of another option -- "going flat." Flat-chestedness is not nearly true flatness -- the chest has its own complex curvature. The absence of breasts can be inconspicuous enough already and/or easily camouflaged by clothing choices.

    I am "flat" by choice. I am comfortable with my flattened chest.

  • Kathi2018
    Kathi2018 Member Posts: 4

    my surgery is not yet scheduled. It will be after the Pet scan which is 12 days from now.

  • Kathi2018
    Kathi2018 Member Posts: 4

    thank you, geeneyes81 for your response. You're correct. In my case, too, a mastectomy is the only option with these 2 tumors. The Goldilocks reconstruction is done after the mastectomy.

  • GreenEyes81
    GreenEyes81 Member Posts: 66

    Awwww...I understand now. So no radiation then?

  • Luckynumber47
    Luckynumber47 Member Posts: 53

    At least in my case, this is how a Goldilocks is done: the Breast Surgeon does the mastectomy. The plastic surgeon follows behind, microplanes the skin that would be discarded, forms a ball with it and puts it under the skin where the breast was. The PSclosed me up and inserted the drains. I was originally a 42G so that made me a good candidate for the surgery. It is by no means a lumpectomy. I had a very thorough mastectomy, with the hope that no breast tissue was left behind. Radiation was not needed.

    I am actually not completely flat. My PS left behind my "side boobs" so we pretend I still have breasts, just moved over near my armpit :). I threatened to put my nipple tattoos over on the side boobs but I decided to be practical and put them where they belong SillyHeart

  • Kirchberg419
    Kirchberg419 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Kathi,

    I'm sorry I'm so late to reply.

    I had a Goldilocks reconstruction last June at 45 years old. I am very satisfied with the results.

    I needed a right mastectomy because of extensive DCIS. I chose to have both removed. I was a 36B, 160lbs, in good shape. I am now relatively flat but have a tiny breast mound and areolas in place. I chose to lose the nipples but keep the areolas for aesthetic reasons.

    It's not a perfect outcome but I find it to be a nice choice to be offered.

    Good luck to you!


  • margun
    margun Member Posts: 385

    kirchberg- did you have Goldilocks for both breast? Why you chose GoldilocksAre you still happy with reconstruction? I am offered to have that because I do not like have another surgery for reconstruction and do not like implants. However, a lot of ladies here had negative comments on how they look

    How long it take to recoup after Goldilocks?

    There are need drains for all cases or just some of them?

    Are the hand mobile enough to take shower just a few days after the surgery?

    What you cannot do in the 1 st week after surgery

  • margun
    margun Member Posts: 385

    Hi to ladies with Goldilocks mastectomy. I have a hard mass in my healthy breast ( also undergone Goldilocks) since the drains were out. When a few months ago I asked to plastic surgeon about it, he said probably is the fat is dying. The thing is that hard mass is still there and seems to ne gets bigger and sometimes causes discomfort . My mammogram was postponed to June due to Covid19. I wanted at least confirm my plastic surgeons hypothesis that is harmless hardened fat.

    I like to know if you noticed such thing in your Goldilocks and if it went away by itself with time.