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mobscene207 Member Posts: 33

Boy am I grateful to have a place to ask this question semi anonymously...

I seem to have developed hemorrhoids. Never had them before in my life. No pain, just blood.

From what I'm reading, I guess it's from the (relatively mild) constipation I've had since starting Taxol.

Anyone else share this lovely experience? Advice?


  • Egads007
    Egads007 Member Posts: 474

    Definitely worth a mention to your MO. I had the same thing but it wasn’t the hemorrhoids bleeding, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis....and yes at the time I was constipated....chemo is great for that! I was told to only use Senkot which was very helpful for constipation (as well as suppositories for the hems) I’m not trying to scare you as it could very well be your hemorrhoids bleeding, just thought I’d mention it.How much blood are we talking about?

  • mobscene207
    mobscene207 Member Posts: 33 to quantify? A blot on the toilet paper, I guess? Some blood in the bowl.

    Thanks for the response!

  • Egads007
    Egads007 Member Posts: 474

    It sounds like hem bleeding, maybe even a fissure, but you would know for sure if it were a fissure because those suckers hurt like hell! I’d mention it to your MO or NP to err on the side of caution, especially if your bowel movements seem to be coated in blood or mucous, or if the bleeding continues. (sorry! Had to get descriptive to make my point). A quick examination can usually tell the diff. I wouldn’t worry as it’s probably hems from chemo constipation, but worth a check...bleeding from that region should always be reported. Keep us posted!

  • Heatherautumn
    Heatherautumn Member Posts: 15

    OK - potential TMI but this is life changing. There are so many to choose from from all price ranges. mine is not heated, but the cool water is almost lukewarm and refreshing. It helps your muscles relax so you can kind of get things moving before, then helps spray off gently afterward so you just need to pat dry. LIFE CHANGING!!!! :)

    Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000
    I can't post the link but just search and order! :)

  • mobscene207
    mobscene207 Member Posts: 33

    Heatherautumn -- no such thing as TMI on this site! That's what makes it so valuable. Thanks for the info!

    I spoke with the nurse practitioner yesterday and she thinks it's actually just dryness. She recommended coconut oil, which I have in my pantry (but have not moved to the medicine cabinet because -- ew. I just can't cook with it and use it for this at the same time...)

  • Egads007
    Egads007 Member Posts: 474

    LOL @ cooking & TRUE! I transferred a batch into a container for the med cabinet because I felt the same way. Glad you checked it out and that it’s not a problem...heaven knows we don’t need more problems on top of everything else

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    Hemorrhoids are so common during Taxol. I found this out because I had bleeding hemorrhoids

    during Taxol and my MO told me. Several things that helped me 1) Rectal wipes after every BM

    2) Balneol Cleansing Lotion (this really soothed my sore rear end). I got it at Rite Aid. I believe Walmart carries it as well.

    Using these two products consistently helped stop the bleeding and sooth the pain.