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Microblading before Chemotherapy?

annette68 Member Posts: 5

Hi everyone - I have an appointment scheduled for microblading tomorrow (local clinic had an opening). I start chemo on the 17th of September. My doctor said as long as I did it a week before starting chemo that I should be fine. That was all she said though. Does anyone have experience with getting this done before chemo? Worth it or not? Worried about risking infection. I don't want to be vain, but would like to preserve some sense of normalcy. I have lots of business meetings that I still need to attend from time to time. Eyebrows just seem hard to draw on regularly when you don't feel well. Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations? Your help is so appreciated. Any other recommendations pre-chemo you wish you had done?


  • lexica
    lexica Member Posts: 138

    I don't, but I would be interested to see anyone who has!

  • melissadallas
    melissadallas Member Posts: 929

    Lots of discussions on the subject using search:

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658

    I did not have microblading done but my skin has been slow to heal during chemotherapy. Maybe since the microblading cuts are so shallow they would be sufficiently healed by the time of your first infusion.

  • Wink22
    Wink22 Member Posts: 23

    I had my brows microbladed 2 days before chemo! My chemo was moved ahead and I scrambled to get it done. It was the best thing....even now 6 weeks PFC when my lashes and natural brows are pretty much gone, my eyebrows still look great. My only advice would be to choose a well recommended beauty therapist who has lots of experience, they will have worked with people having chemo before. My brows healed really well, the cuts are very very shallow. I would say 5 days after treatment they were fully healed.

    My oncologist did say not too have the top up treatment that people usually have at 6-8 weeks post microblading. I didn’t, but met some ladies who did it anyway.

    Good luck....I think any little thing that makes you feel better is a good thing

  • metoo14
    metoo14 Member Posts: 165

    I didn't do it before chemo but I did do it after because my eyebrows never came back. I do wish I did it before however, it would have been nice to have had them. Be careful, know it takes up to two weeks before they are completely healed. Good luck to you!