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Male breast cancer



  • smcgill
    smcgill Member Posts: 1

    50 year old male here. I recently noticed that I had a lot of redness and swelling around my left nipple, which is also inverted. I also had a fever of 102 deg. F. I was put on some antibiotics to fight any infection, and also sent to a breast specialist for more testing. The inverted left nipple was basically useless and causing trouble, so the breast surgeon decided to remove the nipple and do a biopsy on it. The Pathology report came back that it was malignant, and does not appear to have moved into my lymph nodes. But there is a 2cm tumor behind the nipple. They are going to do a double mastectomy on me in a few weeks to remove the cancer and keep my chest symmetrical since I do have gynecomastia. I will be having my procedure done at the Cleveland Clinic, and the surgical and oncology team seems to be outstanding. I'm hoping for the best. Thanks.

  • traveltext
    traveltext Member Posts: 1,053

    Hey there, you’ve come to the right place for support. Sounds like your medical team is on the case and acting promptly. Removing the nipple to do a biopsy is unorthodox but it was going to go anyway since you need a mastectomy. Or in your case a double. Are they planning chemo or radiation?