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2.5 cm of IDC found on excisional biopsy

missmom79 Member Posts: 90
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I am er negative and pr negative. Found out today that my her2 is positive. I’m really worried. Do t know If that’s good or bad. Also have scattered DCIS in there.


  • But no IBC, as had been the concern?

    With HER2+ you will get chemo and Herceptin, which are extremely effective treatments for HER2+. I'm out of my league here, but I think that because you will get Herceptin, which is only for HER2+ breast cancer, this is favorable to being triple negative, where you would only be getting chemo.

    The DCIS at this point is totally irrelevant, other than it needing to be surgically removed. It is the lesser condition, it is non-invasive and therefore doesn't count towards your staging or prognosis, and anything done to treat the IDC will be more than sufficient for the DCIS.

  • FarAwayToo
    FarAwayToo Member Posts: 79

    Missmom79, I'm so sorry. HER2+ used to be a bad thing, but with new drugs like Herceptin and Perjeta the prognosis is now better than ever. I'm too out of my league, but hopefully someone with HER2+ experience will chime in.

    Did they check your nodes as well? I'm guessing your next step will be chemo with herceptin, but hopefully you have a meeting with an oncologist set up soon to discuss treatment plan.

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90


    After two biopsies they finally did an surgical excisisonal biopsy. That sugery was horrible because of my acid reflux they had to incubate me cuz they didn’t want me aspirating on my bile/reflux or whatever. I felt like I was hit by a train for two days. Anyways the results cam back today and the surgeon said that there was no cancer in the skin. They did find 2.5 cm of IDC. I asked him well then I don’t have IBC? He said well it’s a hit or miss thing. We go by (1) clinical diagnosis (2) something invasive inside the breast which they have found now. But the surgeon. Told me tat while on the OR table my breast didn’t barely look red? Ok? Not sure why he told me that considering he still thinks I have IBC. Doesn’t IBC start in the dermal of the skin? Or could this just be locally advanced cancer. Makes me wonder. I know there is invasive cancer there but I’m still questioning the IBC thing. From what I know it gets worse and worse. So I dunno. But I am scheduled for a pet scan in a few days and I’m so scared. Then after that is chemo

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90


    He said I’d be in targeted drugs too for the her2 after chemo. I believe he said after chemo. For a year

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90


    Yes they did check one axiallry node and there was a very minute focus in one.

  • Hmmm.... but the clinical diagnosis was never clearly IBC, which was part of what was causing the confusion all along. When do you see a Medical Oncologist? Personally I think you need another opinion on the "is it IBC or isn't it?" and the MO is a good place to start.

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    the 13th I see him. I have to have chemo so I’ll def be seeing an M

  • Missmom, what did the MO say about your diagnosis?

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    i am going for my petscan in an hour. Please pray, positive vibes or whatever. I don’t meet the MO till the 23rd. I got ahold of md Anderson in Houston. I jioined a fb group and there is an IBC specialist on there. I told her from beginning to end and everything I have been saying on here. She said to her it even sounds suspicious and that should get a second opinion. They have appt as early as next Wednesday. Only two days after seeing the other MO I was scheduled to see. However I thought md Anderson helped with what’s called “angel flights” and apparently they do not so I have to see who can do the angel flights. She said although the delay is not good, getting the wrong treatment from the beginning is not good either and getting the right treatment is essential. Hers part of my path report i got back. I’ll podt it in the next comment.

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90


    Tumor Site: Invasive Carcinoma:

    Clock Position of Tumor Site: 2 o'clock

    Clock Position of Tumor Site: 3 o'clock

    Clock Position of Tumor Site: 4 o'clock

    Histologic Type: Invasive carcinoma of no special type (ductal, not otherwise specified)

    Glandular (Acinar) / Tubular Differentiation: Score 3

    Nuclear Pleomorphism: Score 3

    Mitotic Rate: Score 3 (>=8 mitoses per mm2)

    Overall Grade: Grade 3 (scores of 8 or 9)

    Tumor Size: Greatest dimension of largest invasive focus in Millimeters (mm): 25 Millimeters (mm)

    Additional Dimension in Millimeters (mm): 13 Millimeters (mm)

    Tumor Focality: Single focus of invasive carcinoma

    Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS): Present

    : Positive for EIC

    Size (Extent) of DCIS: Estimated size of DCIS greatest dimension in Millimeters (mm) is at least: 60 Millimeters (mm)

    Number of Blocks with DCIS: 21

    Number of Blocks Examined: 38

    Architectural Patterns: Comedo

    Architectural Patterns: Solid

    Nuclear Grade: Grade III (high)

    Necrosis: Present, central (expansive "comedo" necrosis)

    Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS): No LCIS in specimen

    Tumor Extent:

    Nipple DCIS: Not applicable

    Accessory Findings:

    Lymphovascular Invasion: Not identified

    Dermal Lymphovascular Invasion: Not identified

    Microcalcifications: Present in DCIS

    Treatment Effect: No known presurgical therapy


  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    it also said that my skin was remarkable whatever that means.

  • simonerc
    simonerc Member Posts: 151

    Hi Missmom79,

    That is great that MDAnderson can see you so quickly! Have you looked online for cheap flights? It sounds really important that you get a really good look at this and MD Anderson is one of the very best. I hope you can beg, borrow or steal to make it happen!

  • FarAwayToo
    FarAwayToo Member Posts: 79

    Missmom, I sent you a message, it should be in your Private Messages. Would love to help you with the flight

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    yes i did reply. Did yiu get it ?

  • FarAwayToo
    FarAwayToo Member Posts: 79

    No, nothing in my inbox here.

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    hello. Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well. I remember you were the one that was going to get me a flight to MD Anderson :

  • aram
    aram Member Posts: 319

    hello missmom79, I am Her2+ as well. The following thread helped me a lot. I was able to read about other experiences, most of them are very positive. As Beesie mentioned, Herceptin and other targeted drugs have changed Her2+ prognosis.

  • missmom79
    missmom79 Member Posts: 90

    aram, that is great ;)