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Xeloda with Keto Diet

bapk Member Posts: 1

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post after discovering this community.

i have a metastasis stage-4 breast cancer spread in bones liver and chest wall. I was loosing my weight fast.

Here are the dates and my weight:

5-JAN-2020 : 53.6kg

25-APR-2020 : 48.8kg

13-JUL-2020 : 46.0kg

12-AUG-2020: 43.5kg

My doctor has given me Xeloda 500mg 4 tablets in morning and 4 tablets in evening (4+0+4). I have been on Keto diet for past 15 days. My xeloda medication will start today.

My question is : Can i keep eating Keto diet while taking Xeloda ?

Thank you


  • norcals
    norcals Member Posts: 209

    Hi. I had AC+T chemo in the summer and fall of 2019. I started a keto diet while I was on Taxol and have continued on keto diet. I started Xeloda in March 2020 and have been on keto diet. When I first started keto, I did lose about 10 pounds, this was in addition to the 8 pounds I lost during AC (loss of appetite). I have been pretty constant after the initial weight loss. I use a micronutrient calculator to keep me on course with total calories and fat. You should check with your doctors, but it has not hurt my treatment and I actually think it helped me

  • Misstic
    Misstic Member Posts: 50

    I do keto diet for 2 and a half year now with great results for my BC. You can gain weight easily with keto diet by just eating more calories per day. I eat 2400 calories a day and I keep my weight at the same level (56kg). I exercise every day by walk (10000 steps).

  • topdubu
    topdubu Member Posts: 6

    Do you have any issues with your feet on the Xeloda? Running and even walking distance is a challenge. Elliptical is of great value but still not like getting out for a run or long hike.

  • jron
    jron Member Posts: 8

    Hand foot syndrome has been my biggest issue with the xeloda and I walk every day.

    We have decreased my dose twice now and this past time it didn’t get bad

  • jron
    jron Member Posts: 8

    I have been on strict keto for cancer for about three years now and I have never had to alter it due to medications