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What Chemotherapy us usually used for triple positive?

1982m Member Posts: 224


Newly diagnosed.I met with the breast surgeon and the plan is lumpectomy for 1.5cm tumour and sentinel node dissection, 4-6 months of chemo, 1 year herceptin and after chemo I can make my final decision of mastectomy or radiation. I decided to start with lumpectomy bc the wait for genetics could take along time and depending on the results it could be bilateral mastectomy.

Anyways, my question is what is the usual chemotherapy regimen for triple positive breast cancer? So far they are saying grade 1, prob stage 1, but will know more after lumpectomy.

I am also wondering how tolerable the chemo is? I am a 39 year old mom to three, with a full time job teaching at a community college and a PhD candidate trying to write my dissertation. I’m thinking I’ll need to take a leave from work and school to focus on me and my family but guess I just want a insiders perspective on what I might be facing.

Thanks for any help!