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Truth about vaccine PLEASE



  • bcincolorado
    bcincolorado Member Posts: 4,700
    edited August 2021

    A sore arm was t he worse thing either DH or I felt. He is on immuno-suppression meds from a transplant even. We both made sure to move our arms where we had our shots (on my non cancer side of course) to help minimize stiffness afterwards since we do that even when we get flu shots and it can get tight and sore afterwards. Did not even need Tylenol or anything. Not sure what the big deal is with everyone over it. If you can get it you should for others if nothing else.

  • ratherbesailing
    ratherbesailing Member Posts: 118
    edited August 2021

    I had Moderna. Almost no reaction after first shot. After the second I woke up the next morning and could barely lift my head off the pillow the entire day. Felt like I was in PACU after an operation and couldn't snap out of it. My 20-year-old son was terrified. Then I woke up the next morning and was absolutely fine. Had an intermittent bit of a buzz in my left ear for a couple weeks (apparently this does happen rarely, but of course it's difficult to pin it on the vaccine with certainty.) Then I recovered completely. My husband and son both had Pfizer and minimal side effects.

    Obviously, an individual choice. The way I look at it, I lost one day of my life, but possibly saved the rest of it. It was a risk I would take again in a heartbeat.

  • ruthbru
    ruthbru Member Posts: 47,042
    edited August 2021

    Even though I hardly went anywhere, always wore a mask, and washed my hands like crazy; I still got Covid in November. I didn't end up in the hospital, but have never felt more awful in my life (which includes how I felt during AC chemotherapy). So, when I became eligible, I jumped at the chance to be vaccinated. Both DH and I had Moderna. His only reaction was a sore arm. Mine was feeling really wiped out the day after. DS had the Johnson & Johnson with no side effects. A friend of mine, who has several health concerns and can imagine herself into side effects (which she would tell you herself), had the Pfizer with zero adverse reactions (which surprised her greatly).

  • marinochka
    marinochka Member Posts: 82
    edited August 2021

    me and my husband had Phizer in march. Just sore arm.

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658
    edited August 2021

    I had the Moderna vaccinations. My arm was sore the day after my first dose and I developed a mild localized rash that did not itch or cause me discomfort. I think it caused some lymph node enlargement as well.

    A few hours after the second dose I developed a headache which progressed to chills and a fever, all of which resolved after a day or two but the chills left me weak for a few days due to an unrelated health issue.

    I have no regrets about getting it.

    My sister also had a Moderna but had a more prominent rash after the first injection. I think her reaction to the second dose was less pronounced than mine but she experienced disruptions in her menstrual cycle.

    My friend also had Moderna. He was fatigued for a few days after the second dose.

  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 777
    edited August 2021

    I had the Pfizer in March. The first one was so, so--can't really remember how it felt. But the second one really wiped me out for a couple of days but then I have a really sensitive system. I'm so glad I was able to have them and haven't had any problems.

  • trinigirl50
    trinigirl50 Member Posts: 158
    edited August 2021

    Me, DH, son (14) all had Pfizer. Me: no reaction. Husband and son on second shot: slight fever, headache day after. No health issues since. I had mine in January/Feb husband in March/April, son in July.

    My father, mother, brother, sister, 4 nieces, 3 nephews, 6 close friends. Sister, 1 niece 2 friends had Sinopharm, others had Moderna.

    Brother was wiped out for 2 days (flu like symptoms), 1 friend same - both on second shot. All others - no reactions.

    All doing fine since.

    1 beloved mother in law, 1 beloved friend: Covid 19 before vaccines. They are not doing fine because they are dead.

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,945
    edited August 2021

    trinigirl50, I am so sorry about your mother-in-law and friend. I hope you repeat your post everywhere you can so every anti-vaxxer sees it.

  • annabelle2
    annabelle2 Member Posts: 27
    edited August 2021

    My husband (ER at the VA) had Pfizer in December? Early January? - we were very nervous because we didn't know ANYTHING about the vaccines at that point. He had both doses with zero side effects or issues.

    I got the Pfizer vaccine when I became eligible - March I believe? I felt tired for about an hour the day after the first dose, felt nothing with the second dose. Well, nothing other than extreme relief and happiness that I could finally start seeing my family again Heart

    My 78 year old dad, 81 year old father in law, and 76 year old mother in law all had Pfizer and had no issues with either dose.

    My mom, sisters & their husbands, remaining inlaws (except one who refuses) and one of my children have all had the vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) and nobody has mentioned any side effects other than I think someone had a sore arm but I don't remember who.

    Everyone I work with had the vaccines with no issues that I heard about.

  • nancyhb
    nancyhb Member Posts: 235
    edited August 2021

    My DH and I both had the Pfizer vaccine, no reactions or SEs beyond sore arm and a little tired the first day or so.

    My son had a kidney transplant two years ago and is on immunosuppressants. He got the first round of Moderna and felt pretty good - sore arm and a couple of days of mild flu-like symptoms. The vaccine really kicked what little immune system he has into overdrive but he says it wasn’t too bad. A couple weeks later his son brought COVID home from school and everyone in the family caught it, including his 2-year-old son (who was pretty sick for about a week), his wife (already fully vaccinated and tested positive but no symptoms beyond a runny/stuffy nose), and him. He was in hospital twice, for a week each time; his doctors have said it’s likely he would have fared worse had he not already had the first dose on board. After three months he was on the road to recovery and able to get his second dose. And he’ll be first in line for a booster, because he’s not taking any chances.

    I continue to have faith in the science as I have my entire life. I have a smallpox scar; I got a tetanus booster last summer when I was tearing up our old deck and punctured my finger on a rusty nail. I got the MMR booster before I got pregnant because my childhood friend was born deaf because his mom got rubella while pregnant with him. I love my kids and grandkids and want to hug them and not make them sick. I also feel a greater responsibility to people I don’t know, to society as a whole, and want this pandemic to end, so I got the COVID vaccine. Any risk I may have feared or read about anecdotally was far outweighed by my desire to protect myself, my family, and those around me.

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192
    edited August 2021

    My DH had the moderna vaccine with no side effects other than some mild fatigue after the second dose. I had Pfizer and I think it triggered a mild case of Covid about a week after dose one - low fever, fatigue, gastrointestinal upset that lasted about two days. When I went to get the second shot I was asked specifically if I thought I had had covid after my first dose. The second dose side effects were mainly gastrointestinal for two days after so pretty mild overall. I never got a sore arm at all. I am wondering if my reaction that I had could be tied to having had an infusion of Zometa three weeks earlier ( my MO wanted a three week break between Zometa and any vaccination so as not to stress my immune system). I would definitely do it again if needed. Jo I hope our experiences along with your doctors recommendations help you determine a decision.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 1,165
    edited September 2021

    Wrenn, me too! Sorry Jo, but you have more than enough people posting on here to get the information you need. I know you can't control the number of people who post, but something seems very wrong. Maybe I am over-reacting but I don't think it is helpful or prudent for anyone else to add their comments to this post.

    Jo, you remind me of myself when I was pregnant with my first child. No internet back then. I read every book about births that I could get my hands on, but none predicted what would happen to me when I gave birth! You can continue to ask others what their experience was, but in the end the only person you can affect with whichever choice you make, is you.

    This has become a moot topic now!

    Moderators, your opinion might be helpful here?

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 260
    edited August 2021

    I had the Pfizer vaccine administered in March and April. I had a sore arm, scratchy throat, and headache for a couple of days.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,081
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    Hi folks,

    As the OP has suggested, we'll be locking this thread to further responses. Thank you to all who have participated.

    --The Mods