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Common cold during weekly taxol? Anyone have experience?

1982m Member Posts: 224

I’m wondering if anyone past or present contracted a common cold during weekly taxol? My four year old has a cold once again (tested Covid negative). This is the third cold to make it into our house this month. Our parents are helping out a lot and taking the kids whenever they get the start of something, but I’m worried my luck will run out. The kids are masked, immunized for flu, we practice good hand hygiene. We separate the kids at the first sign and my DH tries to do the Kids stuff. Sometimes it’s not really possible- especially the four year old. She doesn’t understand.

It’s more complicated bc of Covid but wondering how those on weekly taxol managed if they did contract a cold? My blood counts, minimus my monocytes, are holding pretty good- pretty much pre chemo level which was on the low side of normal.

Did you get febrile? Septic? Just feel crummy? Did symptoms last longer? Treatment delayed?

So far I’m feeling good but I’m on taxol #8, and get #9 Wed. Really hoping I don’t end up sick but would like insight into what happens if I do.