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Done with taxol/carbo. Next up - DD AC - oh my!

TigerGirl72 Member Posts: 8

So today was my last weekly TC treatment. All 12 are done! Yay! (I did have to take a two week break because of elevated liver enzymes. All is well now.)

Next up - 4 dd AC treatments every three weeks. I am scared. Please share your experience with AC and what you wish you knew then. I know about the Claritin for Neulasta bone pain, drinking lots of water, staying up on nausea med, and swishing my mouth with water/baking soda/salt solution. What else do I need to know? Any words of encouragement? Please?

I am also receiving Keytruda every three weeks which is a new protocol that showed higher rates of pCR for TNBC. Fingers crossed!