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Chemo Related Breast Pain?


Hi everyone.

Started chemo November 5th. I felt fine the first few days but then I got the chills, body aches, sneezing, sore throat, general fatigue, diarrhea, and a rash on my face, chest and back. I'm ok now (just get more tired) and was given methylprednisolone and clindamycin to treat my rash.

My oncologist is going to switch me from Docetaxel to Paclitaxel (along with Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab), because of the rash.

Anyway, I had some right breast pain (where tumor is) before chemo, like after the biopsy, and still get it. It comes and goes.

I kinda thought the chemo would help get rid of it. I mean it's not too painful but I can feel it when it starts up again, like today. Does chemo make breast pain worse? I'm worried even though the nurse told me that I would still have the pain for a while.

Anyone experience something similar? Thanks.


  • Krgowl
    Krgowl Member Posts: 8
    edited January 2022

    Yes, same here! I was just searching for this exact thing. I’ve finished five rounds of TCHP and still have pain in my breast and under my arm. I’m starting to worry

  • alwaysmec
    alwaysmec Member Posts: 107
    edited January 2022

    I don't know if it's anecdotal, but I had pain in the area of my tumor after the first three TCHP. The invasive part of the tumor completely resolved. If the pain is similar to the biopsy pain, it might just be the biopsy after effects lingering.

  • bong
    bong Member Posts: 40
    edited January 2022

    I have it on and off as well as lymph node pain as well but I had an MRI after round 4 and everything is shrinking a lot. Lymph nodes no longer swollen as well so go figure. I’m finished with round 5 with 3 more to go.