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Successful pregnancy after stage 3 breast cancer?

Missy83 Member Posts: 1

I'm 38. Was diagnosed at 33.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years and have 1 biological child together and we would really love another child. Before I was dignosed, we were about to start trying to conceive however we were shocked to learn of my diagnosis.

No family history

I am wondering if anyone else has had a pregnancy after a similar diagnosis and has gone back on hormone blockers afterwards and is still in remission?


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    Dear Missy83,

    Welcome to our community. We are so glad that you reached out. Here is a link to a podcast on Pregnancy after a Cancer Diagnosis. You also might want to check out the Young with Breast Cancer Forum. You may find similar topics or you may find someone with whom you can correspond via private message or you can start a new topic like you did here. We hope you hear from others. Let us know how we can further offer assistance.

    The Mods

  • dres123
    dres123 Member Posts: 45
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    My wife and I are almost exactly in the same boat. Similar diagnosis except ours happened this year vs five years ago and my wife is 39. We were in the midst of an IVF round when we got news of my wife’s cancer. Our onc has said to take medicine for 5 years and then see, but she will be 44 at that point. We are starting to come to terms with the fact that we will have one biological child. But we’ll love the hell out of her!

    I wish you all the best. Don’t have much advice, just wanted you to know that it sucks and that you’re not alone

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
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    I was never Stage 3 (I jumped from 2 to 4) but I was 36 when I was diagnosed and turned 37 during treatment. If I'd been in a long term relationship after treatment I would have been in the same boat as you all: trying to decide whether to try to have a kid or not. It's probably better that I didn't, otherwise I'd be dealing with Stage 4 and a baby or a toddler who may not get to grow up with a mother. If you don't know your oncotype score and prognosis and chances of recurrence and all that stuff, you should find that out before stopping the hormone blockers. And see what your oncologist thinks about it. I never wanted to know all the gory details about the possible future, but my oncologist was always clear that she feared my cancer would come back. And she was right. It may not be worth the risk to try to have another kid, especially since you both already have one.

  • HayleyLorene
    HayleyLorene Member Posts: 3
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    HI All, It would be wonderful to hear how your stories have progressed.

    I'm 38 and 4 years after a Stage 3 Pleomorphic ILC 12cm, 16/16 nodes diagnosis.

    After coming off my medication in Feb I am now 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby. We can not believe this as thought as were told this would never be our story. I would love to hear if anyone else has had a pregnancy after stage three and how the birth went after years of menopause as well. Thank you.