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Are you sending your kids to school next week?

dancemom Member Posts: 404

Monday Jan 3rd is still the first day of school in the new year. Things are pretty bad around here, but it's been made very clear that in-person school will be running.

I have such mixed feelings about what we should do. Virtual school did NOT work for my kid and was actually detrimental- 8:30- 2:30 mandatory screen ruined his vision (no glasses on either side going back except readers) and cause anxiety, but I know of 2 classmates who tested positive the last days of school dec 22&23, and 2 more today who that told my kid they are in quarentine. I wish there was a limited temporary virtual option. Or a pause or something, anything.

I'm having surgery (if Omicron allows) on Monday and I won't be able to deal with a sick kid next week! He's vaxxed, I'm boosted, but even a breakthrough would be tough.

Any other active treatment families out there wondering what to do?


  • thebeansmom
    thebeansmom Member Posts: 1

    I’m struggling with the same situation. My surgery is scheduled for the 12th and I really don’t want to have to reschedule it. I think I’ll keep my daughter home tomorrow and call my doctors and see what they recommend. Maybe the school can send their work home for a week or two

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,650

    Well, I’ll re-phrase the question: Am I going to school this week?

    You all know that I retired in June from a long teaching career. I became eligible to sub in December. I had already been requested for Tuesday (in the classroom I occupied for ten years prior to my retirement) and then a good friend called and asked if I could sub for her M-F! Her husband, a principal in another district has tested positive for Covid19. I told her I could do Thursday and Friday and even Wednesday if I could leave right after I dismiss her class as I pick my grandson up from his school on Wednesday. Since she is a good friend I want to help her out but I’m less comfortable being in the classroom now than I was just a few weeks ago. I’m also a little bored at home and my school has always been a good place for me 😊

  • dancemom
    dancemom Member Posts: 404

    Beansmom, I would probably go with your plan if my surgery were any other day in the near future.I got my negative covid test results, so I am no longer worried about a positive on my end canceling things for tomorrow which was my biggest concern.

    But I worry about my 11 bringing it home. On one hand, we are as protected as posible, so even when we get it, I hope its mild. I just don't want to be coughing with a large chest wound. As of 2 hours ago I made up my mind to send him, he needs the socialization in a semi-safe environment (school has very strict protocols). We've been quarentined all week for my surgery. Then his school group chat started going crazy. 8 kids are in quarentine or isolation.

    My current thinking is that if he brings it home, I'll still have a week of healing under my belt before the coughing. I already have subs for my dance classes lined up for the next 6 weeks. I'm kind of hoping we are about to peak, so I will get in and out of hospital before they get too overcrowded. Also, DH runs a restaurant, so there is really no escape.

    This writing it out really helps me think!

  • 7of9
    7of9 Member Posts: 474

    nope! Husband home ( holiday day off anyway) calling our kid off with a "stomach ache" and he knows why. If I didn't do everything possible to avoid this virus I would kick myself. Even if it takes one day off the board hoping that decent people will test or keep their kids home 3 days after New feels right to my husband and I. Very disappointed in local school district that they didn't extend the break. Hes 12 and should qualify for booster once approved in a few weeks. Strait A student or close enough. All the money in the world couldn't buy another moment of time - Tony Stark

  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 769

    My kids are going to school tomorrow. I told them masks on all the time and no touching eyes, mouth and disinfect hands frequently. They have a good breakfast at home but I told them not to eat lunch in school. So far has worked well even in our out-of-state trips.

  • dancemom
    dancemom Member Posts: 404

    11 went to school all week. He is lucky to be in a school with very high student vax rate (mandatory for teachers/staff), mandatory and strictly followed masking, and many parents who are able to WFH. (Not us, but...) each day there are a few reported cases and close contacts at notified. So far none in 11s class while kids were in school. I am thinking week by week now and hoping he can go to school most of the time. When our quarentine time comes, we will deal.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,650

    From the other side of the desk… My former district, 6 elementary and 2 middle schools, has been desperate for subs like many districts across the country. Every school day I get texts and phone calls begging for all subs who can to work, even if they can only do part of the day. Most schools have had the experience of having to split up a class when no sub can be found. I worked all of last week and will be working this coming week as well (former colleagues and good friend tested positive. I will take her kindergarten class for the week). Having been in education for so many years I can honestly say that this is almost bizarre. I do have some worries about exposing myself to potential infection but I haven’t reached the point where I decide not to sub. My little school district has been like a second home for me (both dd’s attended school in my district) and I’m happy to help them out, at least for now. Strange times we live in.

  • dancemom
    dancemom Member Posts: 404

    I kept 11 home for the full year and a half when we had the option to go back or stay virtual. My stupid thinking was that because our jobs are so "risky" (I see 120 dif kids each week mostly ages 2-6, with a handful of school age and teens, and my husband runs a restaurant) that i didn't want to be in the position to potentially spread it to 11's school. I really shouldn't have worried, cuz other WFH people who were lucky enough to visit grandma and uncle Joe and best friend in the moon did that for us all). I wanted to send him back in spring when vaccines started becoming available, but school said we already made our choice. Again stupid me cuz above WFH globe trotting execs managed to all get exceptions and got kids in person for spring. And yeah, the stage iv cancer thing in the middle didn't give me much confidence either.

    I know how awful it is to teach on zoom - dance is rhythm and space- neither of which exist on line. And I now have to offer hybrid for kids who are quarentined which is even worse. Can't watch kids in studio skipping in straight lines while looking at a tiny moniter at two 2 inch tall kids' heads bouncing up and down in a tiny circle in their living rooms with dog and baby cuz their camera isn't aimed at their feet, BUT at least the kids can check in and because they had some in-person, they understand what we are doing.

    Anyway, my sister and partner are teachers (near you exbrnx) and have kids and its a nightmare. Dad was exposed, so now all at home again. Another NP sis is having issues cuz schools in her city closed, school-time essential worker daycare closed, so labs are all closed because techs can't go to work. And neither can half the support staff at clinic and hospital.

    We need teachers like you who can at least keep the ball rolling. Its really not about academics all the time right now. Its about parents being able to keep cities functioning, and kids feeling at least semi normal. They lost so much socially and many are still struggling. Being able to be with others in a safe environment is vital. There is so much to learn at school that isn't academic. Having the opportunity to learn a little academically is icing, even if its only a day or 2 here and there. I'll take it over the 18 months of being required to sit in front of a screen 8 hours a day.- it ruined 11's vision! (His glasses are pretty cute though)

    So thanks for going in!!!