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My Chemo experience


Hi Everyone!!

So glad I found this site. It's very helpful so you don't feel totally alone while going through this difficult time in our lives and wanted to share my story also.

I was diagnosed end of March 2021 with Stage 2 that went into my lymph nodes and very aggressive type. They started me on the ACT regimen right away. I moved as fast as I could to get this going and taken care of ASAP as I was very nervous. The AC was pretty brutal and I got it every other week for 8 treatments. I would get treatment on Monday and sent home with the Neulasta OnPro for the next night to release, once that happened I would start to get more tired and weaker. By Thursday I was pretty wiped and Friday to Sunday I was in bed. Next week no treatment i would come alive again thank god. I got alot of Neuropathy in my feet and fingertips so they had to adjust my dosage down twice because it was also causing pain when I opened and closed my fingers. Also getting out of my car it was like I was 90 years old and took several steps before I would stand up straight then get momentum. I worked the entire time and did get some moments of brain fog for sure but it didn't stay steady. off and on. I then went to Taxol and that did not make me have to lay down for 3 days after and i powered through it.

Once surgery they retested my tumors and after being HER2 negative twice from the biopsies, the tumors now tested HER2 postive and now getting treated with Navilbene (chemo) just finished and Herceptin/Perjeta. After my third treatment with this Im noticing my eye twitching and still have alot of the Neuropathy in my feet and some in my fingertips. Along with some muscle cramps in my feet and sometimes calves. Does anyone else get the muscle cramps? I will be getting Hereptin/Perjeta for a full year every 3 weeks to block for any recurrance in the future.