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Quitting chemo early?

shellshocked Member Posts: 4

Has anyone stopped chemo early? The whole thing was a miserable experience with awful side effects and an oncologist who couldn't have cared less about me and my concerns. Side effects were rough and after the third cycle I just gave up. My oncotype score was 27 and I'm not convinced that really would put me in the "high risk" category of recurrence, so I'm somewhat doubtful that I even needed chemo. My last chemo was the day after Thanksgiving. If I were to go back for the fourth chemo cycle, do you think I would have to start over and do four of them or just finish the last one? I will not go back to the same oncologist so I won't be asking his advice. Just wondering what you all think.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,152
    edited January 2022

    As wrenn says, there are lots more things we need to know before anyone could give a sensible answer. Please do post your diagnosis and treatment to date.