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Second ipsilateral idc sixteen years after first

margarita61 Member Posts: 2


I'm back in the club! I had my first bout of breast cancer in 2005 when I was premenopausal so had lumpectomy, rads, Zoladex ( Lupron in US?) and then Tamoxifen. Last November ( I'm now 61) I had an MRI because I had painful ribs and although no mets found a 1.5 demon nodule *was*. So I've now been biopsied and CT'd ( waiting for nearly a month between biopsy and results of scan was really hard! NHS radiologist shortage....)

Anyway, scheduled for a mastectomy and no reconstruction on 2nd March. Think I will have letrozole if the grade remains at 2. Mainly worried about lymphoedema as I do have a minimal amount on my affected side. I'm imagining waking up with a massive, painful arm but I suppose there's not much the surgeon can do to avoid it. I had 9 nodes taken first time. What do they do if they can't find sentinel nodes the second time ? The radiologist said there's a lot of scarring under my arm.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi and see if there were any othe ipsi ladies out there who could share experiences.

Margarita x


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,147
    edited February 2022

    Oh my goodness Margarita - what a nasty surprise. What side was your lumpectomy? Is this new issue on the same side? Or are you considering a bilateral mastectomy?

    Edited to say oops - please excuse my ignorance. I looked up ipsilateral and see it's the same side.

    Hope your surgery goes well & they don't have to mess any more of the lymph system

  • margarita61
    margarita61 Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2022

    Hi, Minus Two

    I like your 'handle'! I've bought a t shirt that says One of a Kind so maybe that should be my new screen name!

    Thanks for your good wishes. I can see that you've had a lot of chemo! Hopefully you've put that behind you now and you're enjoying life.

    Houston and Folkestone. Couldn't be more different! Wonders of the Internet!

    Best wishes,

    Margarita x

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,174
    edited February 2022

    Margarita, we are sorry to see you back here again, but we will all help guide and support you as much as we can. Here is a forum all about Lymphedema that may be of interest to you.

    Please, let us know how you're doing. We're thinking of you!


    The Mods