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Md Anderson

bong Member Posts: 40
edited February 2022 in Stage III Breast Cancer

Anyone been treated at MD Anderson? Can you pls provide reviews and insight? Been reading online opinions and they are being trashed constantly. Yet they are supposed to be the preeminent cancer hospital. What gives?

im thinking of transferring my care there and have just started the paperwork for initial consultations

many thanks in advance for your insight.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,883

    Bong - needless to say there are lots of people who go to MD Anderson since they are an NCI hospital. Go the the search option on the left & look for them.

    I personally chose to go to another hospital in the Houston Medical Center because I felt there was more personalized care. MD Anderson is a clinic - so you wait for things. I asked my surgeon why I would choose any other hospital besides MDA when I lived here. Her answer was if you have a "routine, every day cancer" there's no need to go to MDA. However she had done a fellowship there and flat out told me if she saw anything odd, she'd refer me over there in a heartbeat.

    You may get in an assembly line at MDA, but you can be assured that the process & the docs are top notch and they have the latest possible treatment knowledge.

  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,366

    Bong--are you asking about MD Anderson in Houston or another location? I'm a patient at the Houston location and I have been very pleased with my care and treatment. Things during the covid mess have been difficult at ALL hospitals and medical facilities, so please consider that. I have been a patient for just over a year and was never put off or made to wait for any treatment, and my team of doctors are top notch. I have no regrets about choosing MDA and highly recommend them.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,883

    Oh- and BTW - I did do my radiation at MD Anderson Katy with the blessing of my MO & surgeons. It was much closer to my house. I had a wonderful experience there.

  • yatcomw
    yatcomw Member Posts: 57

    I traveled the country when I was diagnosed as I had at least 17 nodes positive...nodes bursting out with cancer and all kinds of bad things.....from Miami to Memorial Sloan K in NY to MD Anderson Houston to a group in Arlington, TX....and a lot in between.

    In the end I decided to go with Arlington, Tx as they were all Head of their Departments at MD Anderson but formed a group in Arlington to have more flexibility in patient treatment. I had a beast of a cancer and I wanted an aggressive doctor/treatment.

    At MD Anderson I felt I was being pushed into a particular trial. When it came to my radiation however my doctor sent me to MD Anderson as he says no one does radiation better than them.

  • bong
    bong Member Posts: 40

    hi all - thanks for the replies. You guys are all an inspiration to me. I have stage 3c plus one extra unconfirmed node just outside the superclavical andthat makes me Oligo so although I just finished dose dense ACT chemo NAT, I could use a second opinion from MD.

    YATCOMW - can I ask the name of the Arlington group?

  • scarlettx
    scarlettx Member Posts: 8

    Hi Bong, I started my treatment at MD Anderson when I was first diagnosed. They were great, although a 5 hour drive from my home. After they ran all the tests and identified what stage I was, they told me to get my affairs in order and the plan was to do hormone therapy alone. I got a second opinion at Texas Oncology in Denton, and they immediately let me know that my stage IV was not an immediate death sentence and got me on a clinical trial. I personally wound up transferring my care to Texas Onc because they had a more positive approach, and I haven't regretted it.