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MBC and severe crohns

I was diagnosed with MBC 2 yrs ago. I am 37 yrs old I have had crohns for 7 yrs. The treatment for Mets really make the crohns flare up and now the doc is saying I need intestinal surgery. I am very apprehensive. Anyone going through this ?


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    Hi nw7688, We're so sorry to hear this. Do you feel your doctors are working together to have a plan in place in terms of treatment for the breast cancer/interaction with the Crohns? By the way, you may want to join us on our Wednesday meetups as we have a number of young women with MBC who attend. If you are interested, you can register HERE.

  • parakeetsrule
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    Have you tried doing a search here yet? It looks like there are some older posts that mention Crohns and maybe you could try reaching out to some of the people who were talking about it:

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    Greetings! I have had crohn's disease for 50 years with multiple surgeries and now have an ileostomy. I also have MBC. I am so sorry to hear that your cancer has kicked in the crohn's again. I suppose my only suggestion is to make sure that your g.i. doctor communicates with the oncologist. Private message me if you want. Thanks.