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The first successful immunotherapy breast cancer patient

traveltext Member Posts: 1,050


Immunotherapy has been hailed as the brave new world for the treatment of cancers. One type of immunotherapy, adoptive cell therapy, uses T-cells from the patient's own immune system as a treatment. The immune cells are collected from the patient and then grown into large numbers of these cells in the lab. Finally, they are infused back into the patient in an attempt to cure the cancer.

I recently asked Immunotherapy pioneer Judy Perkins about her experience as the first successful breast cancer patient.


  • cyathea
    cyathea Member Posts: 321
    edited March 2022

    Thanks for sharing this article, traveltext. That website has other good articles and a forum as well! This is a good resource that I didn’t know existed

  • BevJen
    BevJen Member Posts: 2,341
    edited March 2022

    To all -- I have inquired with NCI about their two current clinical trials regarding this procedure. First, it is incredibly complicated and involves time off from treatment as well as a 3-4 week stay in the hospital. Second, NCI is very picky about who they will and will not take for the trials. I think in theory, the approach is really interesting, and I am still pursuing it, but they will not even look at your tests, etc., unless you have had a treatment failure and are willing to stay off treatment for at least 30 days before they test you.

  • traveltext
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    That's fine cyathea, I was the author as well.

  • ceanna
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    Thanks for sharing your article and updating us on new treatments. Always good to hear from you traveltext!