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Need recommendation for sunscreen

ilctimes3 Member Posts: 2

I'm being treated with chemo and my face is very, very sensitive to the sun. I really don't understand why my arms and legs are not.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    edited May 2022
    A sun hat might be the easiest option. Most sunscreen makes my face feel like it's on fire so I just wear a hat all the time. Hopefully somebody will have some sunscreen recs for you!
  • hipline
    hipline Member Posts: 72
    edited May 2022

    There is a brand called Coola that I love. It gets high ratings in the safe for use range as well as the ability to block the sun and not sting. It is affordable and has several variations. Just google the name. Best wishes!

  • k9pal
    k9pal Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2022

    I'm a fan of SUPERGOOP and their Unseen Sunscreen or Superscreen (a daily moisturizer). Add a wide brimmed hat and you'll be fine

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,696
    edited May 2022

    I agree with the hat. There are lots of options that will give you good coverage, especially if the brim goes all the way around. If you are bald, be sure to wear a hat that will protect the top of your head. I think there are even some hats with SPF in them.


  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 775
    edited June 2022

    I love Badger products. Very safe and I have used them to my kids who have eczema and we didn't have any problems.

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