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Low lymphocytes and a wonky blood work.


I had 28 rounds of rads in March 2022. Finished in April.

I had chemo and surgery before that. My blood work was always good. Until after rads.

Now my Lymphocytes are low. My WBC is fine. But my Lymphocytes could be low because I also have an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

What I want to know is has anyone else had wonky bloodwork after rads? And I also am on Tamoxifen. My glucose also went up. Which I did read that rads can mess with that too. But after a few months it should be better. MO didn’t seem too concerned. Not really he said he would see me again in 4 months. So I’m guessing this is somewhat normal. But I would like to hear from you all on this subject. Was your blood work off after rads?


  • ratherbesailing
    ratherbesailing Member Posts: 124
    edited May 2022

    Yes, my bloodwork was wonky for about six months after rads (including thyroid, by the way.) They did eventually normalize, for the most part. But my T cell counts remained low and still are. The immunologist said this can happen after chemo and radiation.

  • bong
    bong Member Posts: 40
    edited June 2022

    I’m having wonky blood work after rads, esp lymphocyte count as well as general wbc count. My radiation also specifically targeted lymph nodes which made the counts esp low. Hoping they revert back to normal soon…