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Today should be a good day. And for the most part it is. But I am struggling with anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed in May of 2021. I am done with all the treatments and I only have my exchange surgery left. I am on tamoxifen.

But here lately fear keeps rising. Like today my knee hurts. I’m pretty sure I hurt is a month or so ago. It’s kinda swelled and just sore. But of course my mind goes to the darkest place possible.

Do we ever get past this. And if so how? I don’t want to panic every pain I get. My knee only has hurt a couple of days and I can walk and everything fine. Bending it makes it sore.

Mentally this is so hard. I’m done. I have been told I’m cancer free. I don’t need scans etc. I feel great over all. It’s mentally that I can’t seem to get past.

I just need some encouragement. I have depended on This forum a lot. And you guys have always been so nice. I’m just asking for some enco


  • bcincolorado
    bcincolorado Member Posts: 4,710
    edited May 2022

    Hang in there. I can't say you are ever "done" with this though even as a person of faith which you appear to be. I have completed all my hormonal treatments and surgeries but still have manos on my non-cancer side and follow with my oncologist still as well. From what I can tell she intends to follow me all my life at this point since there is always a risk somewhere and those tests can find it faster and tackle it then. Completing treatment and the required follow up is all we can do and support of everyone. Best wishes to you.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 745
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    Therapy and psychiatry help me cope. I actually found a great psychiatrist through my cancer treatment center.

    It is totally normal for the psychological impact to linger, and it is absolutely a form of healthy self care to seek out help and support. There are practitioners who specialize in dealing with health issues in general and even breast cancer in particular.

    That said, one book that has helped me a great deal ever since it was first recommended to me is called "Loving What Is". If you are looking for something to do right now that may help, maybe try that book.

    Beyond that, all the things we all know and are a struggle anyway. Enough sleep. Nourishing food. Contact with people you love. Outdoor time. Snuggling with a cat/dog time.

    You wouldn't be human if your brain didn't occasionally go to dark places. But the way you feel now is not the way you'll always feel, it's just how you feel now. Hang in there!! Heart

  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,632
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    Hormonal therapy can often affect our moods. After two months or so of Zoladex + Aromasin, I was feeling depressed. I told my MO; she prescribed Celexa, and I felt better shortly thereafter.

    So, there's always the possibility that Tamoxifen has negatively impacted your moods. Tell your general practitioner or MO about your depression and anxiety. Maybe meds will help; maybe they won't. But, they are always a possibility.

    As the others have noted, therapy could be a big help, too.