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friedegg Member Posts: 1

good morning. I am new to this site.

My name is marcia. Have been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. Going for my 4 out of 6 treatments next Tuesday.

Have lost my taste buds. So that gets me down. Because hard to find things to eat.

Have tried naked smoothies. Bit those taste awful. Even fresh fruit has good awful taste.

But in the last 5 days ingame been feeling depressed. What life be like if I lost my husband?

I have no friends that I do things with. I have a daughter and my sister. But do I impose on them?

Why am I having these thoughts.

I take care of my aunt. And that is a chore in its self somedays.


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,409
    edited June 2022

    Hi Marcia and welcome, though I hate that you find yourself here. I believe everyone who has had a cancer diagnosis goes through depression at some point. I had terrible anxiety when first diagnosed and I finally asked my doctor for help. Prescription anxiety medication worked wonders for me and I didn't need it after a while. So don't be ashamed to ask your doctor for help with the emotional issues. Take care and hang in there.

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,461
    edited June 2022

    I found that taking daily walks really helps. I also take SAM-E (Nature Made brand), as it helps with the joint and muscle pain and gives a mood boost too. I took it all through chemo with no problems.

    Re the nothing tastes good: I had that problem too, and it was real hit and miss until after treatment and then things did get back to normal. While I was doing chemo the one thing that I finally found that really hit the spot and was refreshing was Harmless Harvest coconut water. The other brands won't do it, because they either add sugar, have a pasteurization process that takes all the pizzazz and flavor out of the drink, or both. Harmless Harvest seems to be it's own thing. I don't know if you have this brand available in your area, but I think via Amazon you can get it sent frozen, and then thaw it in your fridge - it has to stay cold. It's expensive compared to the other brands, but it was well worth it for me. I went back to it later when I wound up with a lot of low potassium problems to.

    You had mentioned fruity stuff, so that's what made me think of the coconut water. When I was in your situation, I just wanted one thing I could count on every day to wake up to and have while I checked my email and read the news on the computer. It had always been coffee or tea, but none of the usual stuff worked, and some of it took on a ghastly taste. I had a lot of hit and miss too, and some things would taste OK (just OK) one day and then horrible the next. The Harmless Harvest was the only thing that was consistently tasty, fruity, and overall helpful. I looked forward to that bottle every morning, just like I had that morning cup of coffee prior to chemo.

    Really sorry that you are feeling so bad and hope something works for you!