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Considering going flat after rupture.

Hello community. I'm Katy. I'm 57. I've had implants for 8.5 years and one of them has ruptured. Considering going flat. I'm waiting on a call back from the hospital for an ultra sound, but my doctor examined me and agrees with me that it is a rupture. I've done some reading and found out the FDA guidelines on these things have changed. When I was done with this 8.5 years ago my plastic surgeon told me I would likely take them to my grave and to just come back and see him if there's a problem. They can last up to 20 years? My recent research has lead me to believe there are a significant number of women only getting about 10 years before they need more surgery. When I got mine I figured things often enough have a bit of time after an actual expiration date, so likely if I had any problems, by then I would be in my 70s or beyond and it would be easier to except going flat. I should mention that I seriously considered going flat in the first place. The idea of having foreign objects sewn into me that aren't medically necessary was scary to me. I am here to hear from others that have lived with being flat. If I do this I'm not the sort of person that would wear falsies. Flat will mean flat. I will wait for replies.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    What do you want to know about being flat? I opted against reconstruction from the beginning and it's been fine. I do wear prosthetics sometimes. But overall being flat is not a big deal. I don't even think about it that much anymore.

  • prairiedweller
    prairiedweller Member Posts: 11

    I guess what I'm really trying to figure out is if that would be the right decision for me and just want others to share their own experience, good and bad.

  • janewhite
    janewhite Member Posts: 49

    I am a flat woman. I had one breast removed last year following a failed lumpectomy, and I recently had the other one removed (for both cancer preventiion and symmetry). I'm 41 years old, and I used to have very large breasts.

    I like my body this way. It's certainly more convenient, being flat, and the recovery wasn't bad. I have soft fluffy prosthetics with a bra to hold them, but I rarely wear it unless I'm getting dressed up. Most of the time I wear loose tops and no one notices.

    And sometimes, on a hot day, I go out exercising in clothes that make it obvious. And so far, no one has said anything or even given me a weird look.

    Flat isn't the right choice for everyone, but I'm happy with my decision.

  • prairiedweller
    prairiedweller Member Posts: 11

    Thank you Jane. The what to wear is on my mind when I think about this. I think if I do decide to go flat I will love the no bra thing. They have never really been completely comfortable for me.

    For those of you in a relationship, does you husband or significant other mind that you have no breasts?

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,970

    Hi PrairieDweller! My DH was very supportive of my decision. "Hon, it's your body, so you do what's best for you. I love you either way." The only time I got anything even close to criticism was when he thought I was pushing myself too hard with my PT exercises post-surgery.

    I only had one breast removed, so I'm not fully flat. But I've been designing and making clothes that aesthetically highlight my asymmetry and use it for effect.

    I hope your upcoming surgery goes smoothly, whether you decide to replace or go flat. Both paths can serve you well.

  • prairiedweller
    prairiedweller Member Posts: 11

    Well here I am back again. Thank you to all that posted before. Here's what happened. I had an ultrasound and they told me that they don't see any rupture and everything looks fine. When they told me this I didn't come back here because I felt like an idiot. So I decided to just try to go on and I'd keep an eye on it and look for further change. Today I am just ready to think about going flat. I think the doctors are wrong because to me I looked a bit deformed. I can tell this doesn't look right. And didn't do all of this to look good? Whats the point of having these things if they don't look good? I really don't know what to do at this point. Is a plastic surgeon someone I should call next?

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    Prairiedweller definitely check in with one (or two) plastic surgeons to be evaluated and discuss options. It isn't uncommon at all to have revision surgeries or in your case should you decide to do so, going flat altogether.

    I also wasn't aware that an ultrasound would be sufficient to determine if you have a rupture. I would have thought you would have had an MRI?

    Keep us updated.

  • miriandra
    miriandra Member Posts: 1,970

    Even if there wasn't a full-on rupture, it could have shifted to look off to you. Your desire to look good is absolutely valid, and it's frustrating that the ultrasound team dismissed your concerns. Even if there isn't the physical health risk of leakage, your mental health and liking/feeling confident about your body counts too.