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Could Neulasta be optional for each cycle?

michelle816 Member Posts: 8

Hi, I would like your opinion on is it necessary to have Neulasta each time? My MO gave me the impression that it is NOT something optinal.

I'm with her2 type and doing TCHP every 3 weeks. I already had 3 cycles and 3 left. My MO gave me Neulasta each time and white cell did come back to normal before the next cycle.

Now I'm thinking, is it safe to skip Neulasta next time; And only have it if white cell is too low a week after the chemo? Is it risky?

Neulasta did keep me in bed for 2 days but I'm not afraid of the short term side effect. However, don't want to put too much med inside me and worried about any long term side effect. n the other hand,

Need your thoughts.Thank you!


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,375
    edited June 2022

    Thankfully I did not have to have Neulasta during chemo, but I know that plenty of people do have it with each treatment. My doctor would not administer chemo if my blood numbers were too low. Have you tried taking an antihistimine to help with the SEs?

  • michelle816
    michelle816 Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2022

    My MO ask me to take dexamethasone before chemo. They also gave me dexamethasone and benadryl during chemo