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traveltext Member Posts: 1,045
edited July 2022 in Male Breast Cancer

Our manifesto is not so much a list of demands, as a plea to those who can alter the status quo to consider equity in treating patients, regardless of their gender.



  • mswife
    mswife Member Posts: 47
    edited July 2022

    Thank you! Please let me know how I can help

  • traveltext
    traveltext Member Posts: 1,045
    edited July 2022

    Thanks mswife, the best thing anyone can do is spread the message that men get this shitty disease too. In your case, you have a hubbie going through treatment, so you are a caregiver. I’d like to offer you guys help. I’ve counselled so many men and their parynersin the past eight years and still have those connections today. DM me about anything. I’m here for you.

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 980
    edited July 2022

    TravelText - I really commend you for this! I definitely support the cause. Whenever I post here, I do try to "watch my language" and make sure to say things like "people with breast cancer", etc. and not make it female exclusive. I've also told friends about the men on here and some of the things they say about the lack of awareness, stigma, etc. in an effort to enlighten the general population.

    I just wish you all the luck in the world! Thanks for posting this.