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Pet Scan Mania

meme5 Member Posts: 43

Hello.. I am a nine year survivor of BC from 2013. I recently had a Pet Scan and there was a lymph node in my liver that showed 7.2 SUV uptake which my oncologist is concerned about. He did not say it was cancer but that I now need a laparoscopic liver biopsy to get to the bottom of things. I have already had a regular liver biopsy but they did not get enough tissue sample to be specific even though the pathology report says no malignancy.
Does anyone know the range of SUV on a pet scan. Apparently mine is inconclusive, I think inflammation also can make SUV numbers go up. I have had multiple liver cysts for many years and no problems. I wound up in the ER back in April with a bad stomach bug, did a CT then which showed the cysts. I was put on antibiotics for the stomach bug and that cleared up. Ever since then I have had an MRI of stomach and EDG which showed nothing. But now this darn pet scan is causing concern.
What details do we know about SUV uptake on pet scan.
I hate waiting and am scared after nine years