Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy Longer Than 10 Years

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I've been on Femara since July 2012. Ten years last month. I would love to be done with this drug--I can't sleep well, I can't lose weight, I get UTIs every time I ride my bike. My bones have suffered a bit but I'm on a bisphosphonate and it's helping. Femara is my mental safety net. I'm afraid to stop. There's not a lot of research for people who take AIs longer than ten years. Would Olivia Newton John's cancer have recurred if she'd had access to this drug when she was diagnosed in 1992? Should I argue to continue at my next oncology appointment? Anybody have opinions, insights, brilliant thoughts?


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    I did 4 years and had enough, still have mild joint pain and trigger finger occasionally. Been off for 6 years, the anastrozole and exemestane really aged me.

    I was diagnosed with one idc and one ilc tumor technically stage 1, but I had a 34 oncodx which is high risk of recurrence. So far so good but still worry alittle.

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    Hi, I’ve not got anything other than my own opinion and that is I am a strong believer in the placebo effect. So for that reason alone, when the time comes, I’ll be arguing to stay on AI’s for the rest of my life. Good luck

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    I've been on anastrazole since 2008. As long as my bone density holds up, my medical team will let me continue, per my wishes. I can't attribute my aches and pain to the med as I had some arthritis brewing before my cancer diagnosis. I don't think stopping it would make any difference to tha, so I am willing to continue indefinitely.

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    I’m on the forever plan, at least until/unless they come up with something that does the job with fewer side effects. The joint pain and vaginal symptoms are a total bummer, so I hope they do come up with an alternative.