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What is your favorite neuropathy lotion for painful feet?

pabbie Member Posts: 70


I'm on my second round of taxol and carboplatin. This second round has made my toes more numbing and painful, hard-to-walk feet in the morning.

I use Epsom-it, an Epsom concentrate for nerve pain, Epsom salt soaks.

Ice therapy socks during chemo., which I still can't figure out how long to keep them on my feet during my 5 hr infusion.

My left knee is painful. I use a bag of frozen peas and Salonpas with lidocaine., the roll-on bottle.

What helps your neuropathy pain?

Thank you and take care.


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    edited September 2022

    Hi pabbie, we're so sorry you're dealing with this pain.

    We're sure others will be by shortly to weigh in with their practical advice for managing this uncomfortable side effect of treatment.

    In the meantime, you may find it helpful to check out this Podcast on Neuropathy: Causes and Treatments for some ideas to help.

    In addition, this thread on Permanent Neuropathy has some good advice.

    We hope this is helpful!

    --The Mods