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Anyone starting chemo in September, October, November 2022

ltd06 Member Posts: 2

Hi all,

Anyone starting chemo in September, October, November 2022? Hoping we can build a community as we navigate our chemo journey togethe.

I am starting chemo on Thursday, October 20 and would love any advice, things to bring, suggestions for anything that helped after chemo , etc

Look forward to getting to know everyone!


  • kristifromsandiego
    kristifromsandiego Member Posts: 15

    Hello, I have just been diagnosed. Went through this whole adventure in 2008-09, and unfortunately it is back. 14 years of bliss. If I can help in any way I will. Everyone's experience with treatment is different. My first chemo was the hardest and from there it was better. You feel pretty normal for a day or two and then it kicks in. Just have all your meds to help you available. Zofran was my friend and therefore I never had to throw up!!! That's a bonus. Eating is really important. So make sure you have easy things around just to pop in your mouth. I had some constipation so make sure you get something to treat that. I was 50 the first time now I'm not sure how old you are but treatment changes with your age....I think. I hope this helps a little ....let me know if you have specific questions, and I will let you know what I experienced. Everyone is different just remember that. I am meeting with my oncologist today to find out what they are going to do with me. Unfortunatley mine is drugs are my only option.

  • spartybuckeye
    spartybuckeye Member Posts: 11

    I started chemo, AC, in September. I just finished the third round and one more to go!! I will then get a little break for a vacation we’d had planed and then will start 12 rounds of taxol weekly at the end of November.

    My first two rounds weren’t too bad, side effects hit me fast and I was feeling nauseous after getting home. Once the anti nausea meds kicked in I was fine. My MO made it sound like this was unusual. I got diarrhea not constipation. I slept a lot the first two days after treatment and had food aversions but by day three I felt much better. I hope this round is the same!

    I don’t take a whole lot to chemo, phone and AirPods. I bring my lap top incase. They have drinks and snacks there.

    Katie, I hope everything goes well on Thursday!!

  • 11heartbeats
    11heartbeats Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for posting this! I got diagnosed less than three weeks ago, joined this site today, and am waiting on a chemo start date. My cancer is advanced enough that the plan is to do six rounds of chemo (TCTP) first, and then do surgery. I should be starting chemo ASAP. Wishing you all the best with yours!

  • pnw
    pnw Member Posts: 36

    I started Vinorelbine/Navelbine chemo last week after having a port installed the week before, I've had two chemo sessions so far. I don't feel any better yet and my cancer numbers are still extremely high after skyrocketing out of nowhere in August.

    No bad side effects so far but the chemo session wipes me out for 24 hours.

    There is the massive sadness that I have graduated to IV treatment from which I think there is no going back. The end is nearer. I'm 69 and was diagnosed de novo in 2020.

  • kristifromsandiego
    kristifromsandiego Member Posts: 15

    Sparty, congratulations for having three down. I also did AC back in 2009 but back then they did T at the same time. They won't give it to me again cause you're only allowed to have so much A during your lifetime. Glad you're just about done with those two.

    Heartbeat, It is so scare getting the diagnosis. So much anxiety till treatment starts. I too hope you get started soon. I'm in the same place you are. Tumor inoperable. Mine is under my armpit. Soon you will be sending good chemo to bad cells. Packman!

    PNW, I am right with you regarding the sadness. I have always been so stoic, but this time I am so sad. Met with two surgeons both said inoperable. Met with oncologist today, she doesn't even want to do chemo. So my route has changed. I am doing an inhibiter and a hormone therapy. Start one this week and one next. I'm in pain which is also exhausting. Working on pain management this week hopefully. Anyone know of anyone on these therapies? If the tumor doesn't respond then who knows what there is left to do. Don't mean to sound like a downer but as you said I'm fighting sadness. Hopefully I'll feel better when the sun rises

    Thanks for listening ladies Kristi

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,883

    Dear 11heartbeats,

    We are so sorry to hear of your recent diagnoses, but glad that you came to BCO to gain some insight and find support. Please let us know if we can be of additional support to you.

    --The Mods

  • trv4764
    trv4764 Member Posts: 22

    I had my port placement procedure done yesterday and then my first AC-T treatment today. So I’m still a little sore from the port but overall it went ok. My nurse said with the steroids I was given I shouldn’t feel too nauseous for the first day or two, but it started kicking in tonight. So I just took Ativan took try to knock me out. I’m really hoping to feel ok on Friday night because my stepdaughter, who is a cheerleader, wants me to come out on the field with my husband and her mom for Senior Night. I’m hoping I feel good enough to do this. We shall see..

  • zkm
    zkm Member Posts: 2

    Hello everyone!

    I was diagnosed on 10/13. Two days ago(10/27), I had the port procedure done. The stitches are pulling a bit and it's a little bit itsy but I'm doing fine. I'm starting chemo(TCHP) on Monday(10/31). The first out of six cycles. I've been reading through topics in here about what to expect and tips. I'm nervous but try to stay positive. Good luck to everyone!

  • trv4764
    trv4764 Member Posts: 22

    Unfortunately I did not make it to my stepdaughter’s senior night. 😞 I felt so bad for 2-3 days after infusion and had to go back in 2 days after for IV hydration. Started to feel better this week - ( went in for another IV hydration yesterday) but still feel overall fatigued and have waves of nausea. Hoping next week’s infusion goes better.

  • spartybuckeye
    spartybuckeye Member Posts: 11

    Trv4764- I’m so sorry to hear that! The fatigue is no joke! I was cleaning and found some old sea bands I used with pregnancy. I wore that after my third dose and started my nausea medication right when I got home. I figured the bands won’t hurt and they seemed to help

    zkm- I hope the first infusion went well with minimal side effects!

    I got my final AC does yesterday! So far, knock on wood, the first was the hardest. I get a couple weeks off before I start Taxol weekly. We had a trip planned this month so my MO said to go on it and have an extra week in between!

    I hope everyone is doin well!

  • msphil
    msphil Member Posts: 185

    hello all just wanted to Inspire those going thru I've been where you going. Inam a 28yr Survivor Praise God. Was diagnosed while making our 2nd wedding plans I found the lump in shower. Had pain under my. L arm. Was diagnosed and 2nd opinion also. 3mo chemo before L mast then 3 mo after got married then 7 wks rads and 5 yrs on tamoxifen chemo Cytoxin 5 Fu adriamycin. Hold on and keep Positive thoughts. Family friends and My then Fiance now husband got me thru and My Faith. Also 28th Wedding Anniversary hope this helps someone . msphil idc stage 2 0/3 nodes

  • tammymo
    tammymo Member Posts: 4

    hi 👋

    I started chemo and some immunotherapy Nov 8th so I've completed my first cycle on the 16th.

    My cycle is like

    Nov 8th perjeta Nov 9th herceptin+taxol Nov 16th taxol and then the week of Nov 23rd is a break

    New cycle starts Nov 30th I'll get all 3 at once again ( they split it into 2 days the first time so I wouldn't be there 9 hours in 1 day )

    is this considered weekly taxol or high dose or is this something different than either?

    so far my symptoms are very mild except the huge rash on my upper body but Benadryl and Claritin with some cortat cream has gotten rid of that. Today some horrible diarrhea but hopefully the Imodium will help with that.

    Probably too soon and wishful thinking but my breast seems smaller. It was super hard and firm and it's looking pretty saggy and squishy. Either way I'll take it, it hasn't hurt in a week

  • hippiemom1
    hippiemom1 Member Posts: 2

    Hi everyone,

    I found the lump in my breast on Sept. 29 and since then it feels like a whirlwind in my life. Tests and dr visits and labs. oh my.

    I am stage 1 but triple negative and grade 3. So we started with chemo before anything else. I started AC on November 16. The first 5 days were pretty uncomfortable. Some side effects, but mainly just really tired.

    Felt wonderful for Thanksgiving. But now that my next treatment is looming I am starting to feel anxious.

    I hope you all are doing well and I am hoping to make it through the chemo. I tell my husband that the cure seems worse than the disease! But after one treatment I can barely feel the lump in my breast so I guess it is working!!!

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,883

    Hi hippiemom1, sorry you needed to join, but we're glad you found us. We understand what you say about the treatment Medicating. We're here for you through your treatment and beyond!

    The Mods

  • spartybuckeye
    spartybuckeye Member Posts: 11

    Tammy - hi there! I hope your doing well. I’m not sure about your taxol being dose dense. I did Ac dose dense and my MO said she used to do dense taxol and it was 4 infusions every other week. Are you her2+? I’m know the regimens vary depending on type. I’m hr+her2- so I started with surgery and then needed chemo.

    hippiemom - Sorry you have to be here! I finished AC earlier this month. It goes by fast, the first session was probably the hardest for me, but once we figured out how I reacted it was better managed. Though the fatigue is no joke. I started the first of 12 taxol yesterday and so far it is so much easier than AC!

  • trv4764
    trv4764 Member Posts: 22

    I have my 4th and final AC treatment next Wed. I can only hope my 4 Taxol treatments will be more tolerable because AC has been brutal for me. I’m just hoping in the end, these treatments will be worth the pain/side effect. Debating whether I should ice hands and feet, for neuropathy, during taxol - anyone have any experience with this?

  • maggiehopley
    maggiehopley Member Posts: 102

    I did 12 weekly taxol over the summer and iced my hands and feet. By the end, I had slight numbness in 2 fingers and some mild intermittent tingling in my toes. All of that went away within a few weeks of finishing. I used the NatraCure brand from amazon and wore thin socks and thin cotton gloves (from Walgreens in the pharmacy area) inside the socks/mittens. I only iced during the actual infusion, not before or after like some people do.

  • maggiehopley
    maggiehopley Member Posts: 102

    I did 12 weekly taxol over the summer and iced my hands and feet. By the end, I had slight numbness in 2 fingers and some mild intermittent tingling in my toes. All of that went away within a few weeks of finishing. I used the NatraCure brand from amazon and wore thin socks and thin cotton gloves (from Walgreens in the pharmacy area) inside the socks/mittens. I only iced during the actual infusion, not before or after like some people do.

  • ts4702
    ts4702 Member Posts: 5

    Stage 3 Triple Negative here. I have been on 5 infusions following KEYNOTE-522. (Taxol/Carbo/Keytruda). About how long until I should feel a change in the tumor? For those who felt changes in tumor size, how long did it take? Thank you

  • nume
    nume Member Posts: 81

    Hi ts4702!

    I`m having same regimen. My 12 infusions Taxol/Carbo/Keytruda weekly ended about 1 month ago, now on Epirubicine/Cyclofosfamide/Keytruda every 3 weeks 2 more to go. I had an ECO at the end of the first cycle(12 chemo) and found out the decrease was 50%. I couldn`t really feel the shrinkage, just some density change, the lump some days felt smaller or softer.. You can find the topic on Triple Negative BC forum. As I understood one can`t really tell before the pathology report after surgery, could be you feel dead tumor bed and scar tissue.

    I understand your worries