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New Pathology Results - Does It Matter?

nns121317 Member Posts: 116

I had a BMX on 10/8/21 with immediate reconstruction. At the time, my primary tumor was 2.5cm, grade 2, ER+ PR- HER2-. They found a 4mm macromets in a sentinel node, no additional nodes taken. Oncotype was 25 and I was only 42 years old, so I did 4 rounds of AC, 12 rounds of Taxol, and 25 sessions of radiation. I'm now on Letrozole after a complete hysterectomy.

My MO felt I might be a candidate for Verzenio, but it was denied by my insurance because the Ki67 from my biopsy was only 15%. So, my MO requested pathology calculate Ki67 on the tumors removed during my BMX. My primary tumor came back at 25%, and the tumor from my lymph node came back at 50%. So, I expect I'll be starting Verzenio once the new results are communicated to my insurance.

Given there was such a change in Ki67 from my biopsy to the BMX, and such a difference between the primary tumor and the there anything else I should be doing or asking my MO? Or have I done it all by now anyways?


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    edited October 2022
    Since Ki67 is a measure of how fast it's multiplying, it makes sense that the node mets are higher because that's where the cancer was actively migrating and spreading. I don't think there's anything else to do now though except start the Verzenio. You already did everything else! But the best person to ask this is your oncologist. If there's anything else they will tell you. Maybe scans if you haven't had any yet?