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scifelli68 Member Posts: 3
edited October 2022 in Just Diagnosed

so yesterday was my diagnosis day via stereotactic biopsy lab results.

Idc grade 2

Dcis grade 3 with comedonecrosis, calcifications and extension into lobules

I have had 2 ultra sounds and 2 mammograms no palpable or Detected lumps or masses just hardened tissue

today I received the following:

er positive 100%
pr positive 99%

Ki-67 - 20%

My Dr appt is not until next week. Can anyone help me know what this means


  • kristifromsandiego
    kristifromsandiego Member Posts: 15

    I too am

    ER positive 97% Intensity 3+, Allred score 8

    PgR Positive 69% Intensity 3+ Allred score 8

    Her2 negative

    KI- 67 30% Intensity 3+

    I believe the KR 67 is my challenge because it is suppose to under 20% which you are. I also hope someone can explain this. There are also things like intensity and the Allred score which i do not understand.

    Hope someone chimes in! Kristi

  • Mquara
    Mquara Member Posts: 56

    best of luck….biddy

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247


    With the PR/ER+ your Team should discuss AIs for five to ten years.

    My KI-67 changed from biopsy to mastectomy and again when the pathology was redone after mastectomy. It is my understanding that it isn’t used for treatment options. Others may have more insight on it. It was not a factor for my treatment options.

    I did do the Oncotype which came back low, so no chemo since the cancer was not found in my lymph nodes. You can ask your doctor at next visit about the Oncotype testing.

    The pathology is done again during surgery. It can change. I wish someone had told me that might happen. It was another loop on the rollercoaster ride.

    Once the Team has a full read on pathology and if cancer is only in the breast you will get more information on treatment options (surgery only, radiation, chemo).

    Hope this helps

  • Mquara
    Mquara Member Posts: 56

    You both have strong hormone positive cancers. That is a positive as far as breast cancer goes it means that you can go on something like Femara or Tamoxifin after treatment to block the hormones that your cancers NEED to thrive. I really don’t know about the Allred score etc

    Ki-67 is another way to measure the cancer. You will get more information from your Doctors but don’t let a 30 sway you. All of this information together tells the doctors what this is, what treatments they think you need and somewhat how well it will respond to different treatment. There’s many tests that all need to come together and all together that is how the Doctors will piece together your treatment.

    For reference my Ki-67 was 35%. I was 90% ER+, 30% PR+ :)

  • mswife
    mswife Member Posts: 53

    sorry you are here!

    you are heavily hormone receptor positive - which is good because you would be a candidate for hormone therapy.

    Idc grade 2 is of moderate aggressiveness - not the most normal (grade 1) or bizarre-looking (grade 3/4) tumor cells.

    Dcis is just small islands of non-invasive cancer. Doesn’t mean much, often found with IDC.

    Your ki-67 is also moderate. They haven’t quite sorted out the implications of ki-67 out yet. A higher number might mean more aggressive, but also more sensitive to chemo.

    If this is just a biopsy result, it’s possible that each of these could change once they do surgery, as they typically favor results from the entire tumor over the small area biopsied.

    Hope this helps

  • mswife
    mswife Member Posts: 53

    also - Allred score is just a combo of numbers assigned according to the percentag and intensity of hormone receptor staining. High numbers (like 8) tend to be more favourable in terms of anticipating how hormone-sensitive a tumor is.

  • kristifromsandiego
    kristifromsandiego Member Posts: 15

    Thank you guys, My tumor in not operable because it is in my arm pit being fed by a major artery and some small ones. Plus it in incasing many nerves which s making my arm go a bit numb This is my second time around. Mastectomy in 2009. CAT and radiation. They now have me on anastrozole and verzenio. Keeping my fingers crossed for an ultra sound in three months. Been on the drugs 3 days. Thank you again