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Anyone interested in participating in a paid research study?


Hi All.

I am participating in a paid study for breast cancer patients. Here is the info in case anyone is interested. Just send Devi an email if you are interested and she will get back to you to screen you for the study.

**********Her email to me ********************

We have quite a range of different things. But we will speak with anyone interested because we can place people on hold. Thanks so much

Early-stage Stages 1,2 or 3, Can be diagnosed more than 3 years ago but must be currently in treatment ( not in remission ). Journaling $350

Stage 1V (Her2 negative / ER positive) currently on Ibrance, Verzenio or Kisqali. Hoping for Stage 1V diagnosed in the past 3 years (but can hold anyone diagnosed later).

Journaling $350 Stage 1V Triple Negative on First or Second Line – Web interview $175 Stage 1V (Her2 negative / ER positive) taken hormonal / estrogen therapy in the past. Not currently on it. (Lupron/ Faslodex / Letrozole / Arimidex / Nolvadex / Aromasin) Web interview $175

Sincerely, Devi Heyer RC Horowitz & Company, Inc. v.(212) 401-7902 f. (646) 519-2470