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Just Diagnosed- Adapting to Cancer in our Lives

ypsilanti23 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2023 in Just Diagnosed

Good Morning,

I am a 45yrs old wife/mom/sister/friend from Michigan and just got diagnosed with triple negative cancer; stage 1 and taken by surprise with my diagnosis. Doctors have recommended i start with chemo asap; will begin my first treatment in 10 days and my double mastectomy's will be scheduled after completion sometime late summer. Ever since I got the call from my doctor my world has been a little crazier than usual, my thoughts and everything seem to revolve around cancer now; hard to focus on work and make plans with family and friends for the next couple of months which I hate! Spend most of our time looking at information/searching/reading what to expect, how to prepare, etc.

If there is someone in this group in the SE Michigan area that can tell me where they have found wigs/ scarves/hats- preparing when i have to go to work- would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you all.


  • melbo
    melbo Member Posts: 266

    I don’t know anything a out the SE Michigan area, but I was diagnosed during the height of Covid and ordered most things online. I also realized pretty early on that o didn’t care that much about my bald head and I mostly hated wearing things — so I just rocked the bald look. It’s not the right choice for everyone, but it worked for me.

    I strongly recommend reading a past chemo forum on this site to get an idea of what you might expect. Everyone reacts to chemo differently, so your mileage will vary, but I thought it was good to see how other women were experiencing it, especially the people on the same chemo regime I had.

    Good luck. It sucks, but it probably won’t suck quite as much as your imagination thinks it will

  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,178

    Your MOs office can help you find a lot of information. Your insurance should cover the wig. I hated my wig, was hot. But in your area it might be warm.

    As for telling friends and family that's personal, and could be on a need to know, or not.

    Oh, stay away from Dr Google. He is not your friend. Only go to reputable sources like here.

  • persapoliviou
    persapoliviou Member Posts: 6


    I am not good at English! I am 37 with two kids and i diagnosed two years ago with HER3 stage 1! You will do your therapies, its not so difficult as you imagine, but ok it will be maybe 4-5 months, and after you will be ok! Your type its not necessary to take hormones medicine after chemotherapy, so trust me is the best because stage 1 its very control and you will be again like before! I do chemotherapy and after this i am good, i go gym, i smile again! And you the same! The most difficult is when you hear first time the word cancer! The other you can control them! Women is so strong!