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List of sequential regimens particular to your condition.



If there is a program that takes relevant condition (stage, pathology, treatment history, etc) of your illness, and based on current published research (from ASCO, SABCS, ESSO, MBCC, etc), the program generates a list of sequential regimens specific to you. The program continuously update the regimen list as research advances, your condition change, or new genetic info, etc.

Would you use such a program? How would you use it? How would knowing "the regimen list" (could be long or short) in advance make you feel?



  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857

    Is such a tool in existence? Or are you asking if there is patient demand for such a thing? Are you involved in developing a tool? Is it specific to breast cancer or is it inclusive of other diseases?

    As for me, it would have been interesting to see something like that laid out before treatment started. However, I also understood that for my case, there weren't very many options anyway. It was a pretty defined path.

  • nnguyen
    nnguyen Member Posts: 52

    As far as I know, such a tool does not exist yet. Although there was something similar by IBM a few years ago, i.e IBM's Watson for Oncology and tailored to oncologist.

    I would like to know more than just demand, as stated in the original post. It would only be for breast cancer initially. Yes, I would be involved.

  • nopink2019
    nopink2019 Member Posts: 384

    Being stage 4, I have come to realize how many nuances there are in this disease. You can read the treatments posted by this group ( hard to decipher at this point since the site is such a mess) and see that treatment paths have varied greatly, even when mets appear to be similar. I think that's part of being treated by and MO that you trust and can communicate with. Some of these decisions will be based on availability of the various treatments and some on MO's personal experience in treating other patients. What you talk about is one reason this group has been so upset with the site since March 2022. It does help to know what others with similar situations may have experienced. But it doesn't mean that that path is appropriate for everyone as we all tolerate these treatments differently. Interesting information, but not definitive from a treatment perspective. Also, just because something new is discussed @SABCS doesn't mean we want our MO to immediately switch treatment.