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Where to get financial and disability / work advice?


I am a veteran with PTSD who had a bilateral mastectomy in 2020. I have not had health insurance or care for about 3 years, since the VA is not trustworthy, and it lost my community care case referral (out to a community facility, since the VA itself lacks breast cancer resources where I was). I am also now bankrupted. Does anyone know how I can get financial advice from a place that does not have high fees? I am trying to figure out if I should keep trying to work, or if I should perhaps find a part time job and be on disability. I am trying to work long enough to pay a bankruptcy attorney, but also need to find out what type of professional can best give me advice on whether I should even continue trying to work at all? I am in a job where I am frustrated and angry (and very fatigued) and that is stressful (just started it).