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Minimal response to neoadjuvant chemo. Hope needed

inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

Hi All, this is my first post. I'm hoping for a little support

I have just had pathology results following neoadjuvant chemo and have had minimum response. 7 nodes still positive and tumor still large. Im absolutely devestated.

I have 2 small children and im struggling to see a light at the end of all this, I'm heartbroken

Has anyone been in a similar situation?


  • inneedofhope
    inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

    Anyone? Have residual disease or positive nodes and still a good outcome

  • iamnobird
    iamnobird Member Posts: 229

    I am not in your exact situation. I am ER+, PR- and HER2+++. I am so sorry that chemo didn’t do what you hoped. However, they have so many treatment options and regimens for that now. I imagine you might do Kadcyla now, which is fairly easy to tolerate and has worked really well for many women.

    My tumor and positive node were occult on imaging and found during my mastectomy for extensive DCIS. I am going through chemo and targeted therapy now, but the fact is that we likely won’t ever know if my body responded to any of the treatments because there isn’t any cancer left. I think this was actually the case in the past, more often than not, and many women did well after surgery. Now they also have radiation and targeted therapy and so many things to throw at it

    Anyways. I am thinking of you and hoping you get some other responses from people in you situation. I hope you are meeting with the doctor soon to come up with a plan. Please give us an update if you can when you know what will happen, Hopefully that will make you feel better.

  • inneedofhope
    inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

    Thank you so much for your reply it's appreciated. I hope the rest of your treatment goes well.

    I think it is likely I will move on to Kadcyla and I just pray that it does work.

    I think the downside of neoadjuvant is if you find yourself in my position, it can be difficult not to feel negative. I really hoped to find someone who may be could give me a little hope for the future.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 618
    edited May 2023

    Hi inneedofhope, I'm sorry to hear you still had residual disease. I am Triple Negative but still wanted to lend support as it is very disappointing not to have resolution. I still had residual cancer in 5 out of 8 axillary nodes and was disappointed and mad. All the torture we go through with treatment we deserve NED but sometimes we need to tweak the plan. Try to remain positive and hopeful that your next drug will be the one that will give you much success! There are more options out there for you so keep on pushing, we are all here to support you!

  • inneedofhope
    inneedofhope Member Posts: 31

    Thank you Cookie, I appreciate that. It is very deflating and scary, im sorry you experienced the same.

    I wish you well with your treatment.