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Starting Radiation on July 26th

Hi everyone. I start radiation on Wednesday. 6 short course intense treatments. I’m terrified of skin reactions as I’m pale (redhead).

Do you have any tips or tricks to help me?

Also, I’m large chested and can’t imagine going braless during these few weeks. What do I do? How do I exercise without a bra?

What do you suggest for sleep? A light silk tank? Naked?

Lastly, if I didn’t have lymph node involvement, will the underarm area still be treated? It looks like the tattoo goes to my armpit area (maybe because my breasts are large?). I suffered with terrible cording after my lumpectomy and don’t want more issues under the arm.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi , @dsc! The start of treatment can raise so many questions, we know. THIS THREAD in the Radiation forum has so much helpful information on preparing for, getting through, and healing from radiation treatment, all from members sharing their own experiences, tips, tricks, and helpful advice.

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  • quietgirl
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    So everyone is different just to make things harder so it’s hard to predict how your skin is going to react it part because your getting heated from the inside out. I only had issues towards the very end of treatment so wearing a bra was not an issue until the end and it was more my arm pit that was the issue which I blame on the fact that since everything was going so well in the beginning I probably didn’t moisturize as well as I should. So follow follow follow whatever skin care they tell you to use.
    make sure you have a very comfortable bra or two (without underwire if that’s not your normal type). Some people like cotton ones but whatever works for you. You just don’t want the band to be too tight because that’s where it would be the most irritating on you (you can get a bra extender to give yourself more room and if you end up with irritation that would allow you to put a softer fabric under the band towards the end of treatment). Hope that makes sense.

  • quietgirl
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    I know you only have had your first two sessions but I hope they have gone as smooth as possible. One more today and then you get the weekend off 💗

  • dsc
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    Hi quietgirl. Thank you for checking on me. Yes half way done and officially sitting on couch all slathered up and bra-less, doing nothing. Can’t wait for this to be over yet I have that cancer dread and wonder if this will ever go away. The rib pain last night was pretty intense but I got through it with Tylenol. I pray the skin issues (which would appear next week?) go easy on me. I’ll stay in touch. 💕

  • dsc
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    Tomorrow I my last radiation. So far, my breast is sore and reddish, but nothing terrible. I know everyone is different, but so that I have some idea what to expect, when did you start developing skin issues after radiation, and what were they?