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The husband's and partner's corner


A gathering space for the partners of loved ones with breast cancer to discuss your unique experiences.


  • neverbethesame33
    neverbethesame33 Member Posts: 13

    Dropped in to say hi to other men that are along for this journey with their wife.

    Although my wife has cancer I suffer with every ache and pain she has. When she is in pain or has worry and anxiety it absolutely breaks my heart. If I could take the pain for her I would.

    How do you stay strong for your wife? I feel everything I do for her is trivial in comparison to what must be going through her mind.

  • vidal1993
    vidal1993 Member Posts: 60

    Hello never be the same. I see that your post was some time ago. Our journey started nearly 5 years ago. When did yours? How is your wife doing? What stage is her cancer at?