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Triple Positive HER2 Positive

I was diagnosed with triple positive HER2 +, DCIS some invasive. I'm planning on double mastectomy. I'm 45.


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 162

    Hello @bkiggy and welcome. I’m sorry. It’s a lot to process and most of us are blindsided by our diagnosis. You’ve come to a great place here for information and support!! Please ask any questions and share whatever you are comfortable sharing … it’s nice to be able to speak freely to people who truly understand what you are going through. The support and comfort and practical advice here is amazing!!

  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,625

    I was also diagnosed with triple positive, albeit at age 46. I ended up doing a lumpectomy. Triple positive is definitely a marathon not a sprint. Chemo, surgery, radiation, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy….. At the time, I never thought I'd complete active treatment, but in retrospect, it was doable. I just finished eight years of hormonal therapy a few months ago, and I'm ready to return to "normal." What chemo regimen are you doing?

  • maggiehopley
    maggiehopley Member Posts: 103

    I am triple positive and also had a double mastectomy just one year ago. I did chemo (Taxol x 12 with herceptin and perjeta) before surgery and Kadcyla (T-DM1) after surgery, which I finished in July. Now I am on anastrozole, presumably for 10 years. The treatment landscape in Her2 positive is changing rapidly, so depending on the size of your invasive disease and lymph node status, you may be eligible for de-escalated treatment. I did not do reconstruction; I am 58 (57 at diagnosis).