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How many breast surgeons and plastic surgeons can I see under Medicare?


Started Medicare in August and diagnosed this January. I would like to meet with several breast surgeons and plastic surgeons before making a decision on my team. From what I read, Medicare allows you to get a second opinion and if the second and first opinion don't match you can seek a third consult. I am scared to make appointments because I need to be confident I will like one of the two doctors I meet. It's not really an issue of what they are proposing treatment wise, but what my feelings are about the doctors - do they answer my questions, do I feel rushed, are they abrupt, am I impressed with the pictures they are showing me (for PS), when can they fit me in their schedule. For those on Medicare, were you. limited to two consults or am I misunderstanding the rules? Thank you.


  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 111

    The way to get the correct answer is to call Medicare. 1-800-Medicare 1-800-633-4227. You can also try a live chat on the website.

    I don't know the answer and anyone on here might just be guessing or have a situation that may not exactly match yours.

    Make sure if you call that they understand that you are seeking surgery for reconstruction after breast cancer.

    Also, my understanding is Medicare will pay 80% and if you have Medigap, they will pay the other 20% after you have paid your annual deductible for the year- $240 for 2024. You might also want to call the Medigap provider. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you should call them specifically as they are more restrictive on which doctors you can see and I don't know if they have different rules on 2nd opinions.

    When I selected my surgeons, I did A LOT of reading online. Even reading bios, googling their name and seeing what comes up can give you some feelings about them. Some of them even post pictures online.

    You could also post where you live and see if anyone can provide recommendations.

    Good luck to you. Sorry you are going through all of this again.

  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 94

    @mandy23 I did an online chat with Medicare this morning but didn’t specify it was for breast cancer. All the rep did was post what was online about second and possibly third opinions. I will try again specifying breast cancer but still welcome hearing what others did.