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Doctor says to wait several months after getting COVID before gettinng mammogram


My thyroid doctor told me that there is lots of evidence that getting a case of covid can frequently cause lymph nodes to swell and therefore recommended waiting several months before getting any sort of ultrasound or mammogram to avoid false alarms. I had covid a few weeks ago and have my mammogram scheduled for next week. Should I postphone it? I searched around and there's a lot of discussion about covid vaccines and their effect on lymph nodes but I'm not seeing much about Covid itself. Thoughts? I'm a bit worried about delaying my mammogram. Since my case of DCIS in 2020, I get a mammogram just once a year.


  • doodler
    doodler Member Posts: 38

    I'd still get it, but that's me… I'd rather have a false positive, and have it investigated, than have a missed cancerous tumour. Mammograms look for more than lymph node swelling.

    I'd been having an annual mammogram and ultrasound since 2020, and this year I had a breast cancer tumour develop between mammograms. Just a few months after my last one, and I put off getting another mammogram for awhile. Now I have stage III IDC.

    And who is to say that you wouldn't get covid again in 11 months? I wouldn't delay it. My opinion only.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,000

    If there is an enlarged lymph node they can order a diagnostic mammogram for a couple of months later. I'm with doodler in being safe rather than sorry. The general advice given is for people with no history of breast cancer.

  • AJ
    AJ Member Posts: 219

    I had a mammogram soon after getting my Covid vaccine. I had swollen lymph nodes and they sent me to get an ultrasound. By that time the swelling had gone down. So the vaccine caused it.

  • pandorax
    pandorax Member Posts: 20

    Thanks for your comments. Yeah, it feels too risky to delay it.