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verzenio for stage 1 cancer


Hi everyone. Has anyone taken Verzenio for stage 1 cancer and if so when did you start it? I have been on letrozole for 7 months now and my oncologist just today asked if I wanted to start Verzenio too due to my high Ki67 and 1 positive micromet in my sentinel node. I thought you had to start Verzenio at the same time as letrozole for early stage one breast cancer, not 7 months later. I also read the side effects and am really wondering if it is worth it! Thank you!


  • nanaofgirls
    nanaofgirls Member Posts: 2

    Good Morning, I'm new to this thread. Diagnosed in October 2023 with Stage 1B Invasive Lobular Cancer, right breast, ONCOTYPE of 18 (no chemo needed) 3 positive lymph nodes (Sentinel nodes only) 32 removed, all others clear, margins were clear, Grade 2, 4 cm tumor. Just finished 15 rounds of radiation, am taking Anastrozole (almost 3 months now) and my Oncologist is suggesting Verzenio at the end of this month. I'm very hesitant to take it as I feel I don't fit the mold of who should be taking it. But my KI-67 score was 50. I've read articles where the FDA has removed the KI-67 score as being a criteria for taking Verzenio ? I'm hesitant because of all of the side affects but I'm also scared NOT to take it. Has anyone been able to start off at a lower dosage ? I'm almost 64 and have also read that older woman have the same outcome with Verzenio at much lower dosages ?