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Recent LCIS Dx


Hi all. Turned 40 a few months ago and went for my first screening mammo shortly after. Had a R sided diagnostic mammo and bilateral breast ultrasound and then was then referred for a right sided stereotactic biopsy which showed LCIS. No family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Still processing all the emotions and have my initial consultation with a breast surgeon next week. No questions to ask the group but just wanted to connect with others who know what this process is like.


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    @mjsm24, welcome to! We're sorry for your recent diagnosis, but glad you found us and reached out to us! Feeling a whirlwind of emotions during the diagnostic process is completely normal. Just remember, you're not alone in this supportive community. Many of our members here understand exactly what you're going through. Please, come back to let us know how it goes at your surgeon's appointment. Here is an article from our main site that can help you gather important information and make informed decisions about your treatment:

    Hope this helps. We're here for you!

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