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Questions List for 1st Onc Appt

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Please jump in and help me craft a list of questions for my first oncology appointment tomorrow?

Here is what I’ve got so far:

  1. Can you explain my pathology report findings in detail, including the grade, stage, and subtype of my breast cancer?
  2. Based on my cancer characteristics (IDC, HER2+, ER-, PR-, grade 3 / Bloomberg 9, metastatic axillary lymph node), what is my prognosis and estimated survival rate?
  3. What are the treatment options available for my specific type and stage of breast cancer?
  4. Are there any clinical trials or research studies that I may be eligible for?
  5. Can you discuss the potential benefits, risks, and side effects of each treatment option?
  6. Do you recommend any additional tests or imaging studies to further evaluate my cancer? (Namely TM or genomic testing, such as Oncotype DX or Mammaprint, to assess the genetic makeup of my tumor and guide treatment decisions. I’m interested for the valuable info they provide about the likelihood of cancer recurrence and the potential benefit of chemotherapy.)
  7. Is proton therapy available at this treatment facility, and would it be a suitable option for me?
  8. Can you provide information about CAR T-cell therapy and whether it might be applicable to my case?
  9. How soon can I start treatment, how frequently will I need to undergo treatment, and what is the expected duration of each treatment modality?
  10. Are there any complementary or alternative therapies that I can consider alongside conventional treatment? (Go over the list of things I’ve been throwing at it.)
  11. How will my existing medical conditions, such as gastric bypass, autoimmune/Lymes, high blood pressure and acid reflux, affect my cancer treatment plan?
  12. Should I be concerned about the family history of cancer in my relatives, and does it impact my prognosis or treatment approach?
  13. What lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, can I adopt to support my treatment and overall health?
  14. Can you explain the process for obtaining a second opinion, and do you recommend seeking one in my case?
  15. How soon could I undergo testing to check for the spread of cancer beyond my armpit, especially since my lymph node tested positive in the axillary region?

Thank you in advance! I’m thinking maybe this can also help others brainstorm lists in the future.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,853

    That is a very comprehensive list and you are smart to have it prepared in advance. One thing I found helpful during my early visits or big changes was to record the visit. I did so with the doctors permission. The appointments contained way too much info to digest, especially when bc was new to me. It helped to listen to the conversation again and digest it in smaller bites.
    All the best to you.